Chicago Cubs World Series Will Be An Epic Movie

From The Pitch To The Screen

Recently sports history has been full of surprises. Since in soccer Leicester, a small team, won the Premier League, becoming the underdog story of a century. Similar to the most recent Superbowl, which was one of the greatest comebacks ever.

But there is a story that’s so epic that it will reach Hollywood. Especially due to it’s meaning to U.S. history, as the Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years. As his veteran catcher David Ross hit the winning home run.

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The legendary moment.

As the Cubs faced the Cleveland Indians in the 7th game of the World Series, an ageing player that was planning to retire after the season, stepped up to the plate. 40 years-old David Ross hit the home run that pushed his team to the victory leaving the game 8 to 7 in the 10th inning. This swing turned Ross into a Chicago hero and gave the Cubs their first World Series in over a century.

Ross’ glorious moment, in the last game, ended up being a book. That he co-wrote along with sportswriter Don Yaeger and it’s called “Teammate: My Journey in Baseball and a World Series for the Ages. ” The book is going to be published May 9 by Hachette Books and will be a total fundamental memorabilia for any Baseball fan.

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From the pitch to the screen

The book centers on Ross’ 15 years of career but focuses mainly on that magic night of the World Series. That night was so important that Ted Field’s Radar Pictures bought the movie rights to the book, naming the movie “Teammate: My Life in Baseball.” A name that due to the magnitude of the event could be more epic.

Obviously, Field, as a Chicago native, along Ram Getz will be producing the film, along with Lisette Brooks who will executive produce. While Getz and John Corcoran are working on the script. Since Ross and Don Yeager wrote the book they get an executive producer credit.

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Hollywood field.

Baseball might be America’s favorite sport but it also has been one of Hollywood’s favorite themes to portrait. As one of the most recent blockbusters is “Moneyball,” starring Brad Pitt or “The Natural,” with Robert Redford.

Even though the producing crew is already determined. The director and the cast to play Ross and the other Cubs’ players are yet to be named. Sadly the famous Cubs fan Bill Murray, that even looks a bit like Ross, is too old to play him. But it will be interesting to see who Radar casts.

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