Wheel of Fortune Contestant Epically Flubs Puzzle With One Letter Missing

I Mean He Might Have Been Dying Of Anxiety.. Poor Guy

The internet lost it over a guy on the Wheel of Fortune who made an epic mistake on Tuesday’s episode. The contestant, Kevin, almost made it but he missed the remaining letter and the internet delivered.The epic fail not only was captured on TV but Tweeted and people couldn’t believe it and took over social media to roast Kevin. Dude, what a mistake!

You got this Kevin.

On Tuesday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, Kevin was doing pretty well, he was missing just one letter and had $600 in the bucket. He was literally one step away from victory, he could almost taste it. But sadly, he didn’t.

His final puzzle was the title of  Tennessee William’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, A Streetcar Named Desire. One would think, oh boy, you got this. After all, it was not that hard…

Via USA Today

Are you for real, Kevin?

He was already set to answer and then he said the letter “k” instead of “m.” Host Pat Sajak made clear he was disappointed even when he admitted that Kevin’s new version of Tennessee William’s play might be worth watching.

Lisa, the next contestant got it right and even when the moment had passed, the internet was already making the most out of it.

Via USA Today

The moment went viral.


And people reacted.


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