Ashton Kutcher Revealed His First Kiss With and Mila Kunis

On And Off Screen!

This week actor Ashton Kutcher made some fun and interesting revelations about his advanced daughter, and his “pterodactyl” son. He also discussed his relationship with wife, Mila Kunis.

The actor is currently promoting his new  Netflix show ‘The Ranch’ where he stars alongside Danny Masterson, Debra Winger, and Sam Elliott.

When fiction meets reality

Mila Kunis and actor Ashton Kutcher have been happily married since 2015, and have welcomed two beautiful babies. And while their relationship ended in marriage at first it was a purely sexual.

During an appearance on the Howard Stern Show, Kutcher star said it was purely sexual, drawing similarities between his 2011 movie ‘No Strings Attached’ with Natalie Portman and Kunis’ ‘Friends With Benefits’.

The couple started dating in 2012 after the former cast mates reconnected following his divorce with Demi Moore.

“It was funny because I’d just done this movie called ‘No Strings Attached’ and she just did a movie called ‘Friends With Benefits’ and we legitimately lived out our movies,” he said.

He went on to reveal the moment he knew it was serious. “I was smoking cigarettes at the time and I was still a smoker and she had quit smoking and she wanted me to like shotgun cigarette smoke so she could breathe it in,” he said.

“And so I started doing this and gradually through the night, it got closer and closer and closer,” he added.

Before tying the knot and becoming a real couple, the duo played one of the most iconic couples on ‘That’s 70 Show.’ They met when he was 19, and Kunis 14.

Kutcher was Milas’ first TV and a real kiss.

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Parenthood perks by Ashton Kutcher

On Wednesday, Kutcher appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and as usual, a couple of funny moments and facts were delivered.

In a funny exchange with Fallon, Kutcher responded to the talk show host’s comment about the actor’s Netflix show, ‘The Ranch’, by breaking into “You’re Welcome” from ‘Moana‘, catching Fallon off-guard.

Kutcher explained that lately he just can’t stop singing ‘Moana‘ songs, to the point that he even when sings the songs while shopping.

And this, of course, is a result of parenthood.

The actor also talked about his children, two-year-old daughter Wyatt, and baby Dimitri.

Kutcher told Jimmy Fallon, “It’s weird because girls advance apparently faster than boys… My daughter is, like, 2-1/2 and she speaks three languages. She’s got, like, Russian, Spanish and English. She actually understands and speaks them.”

On the other hand, Dimitri is not doing so well. he said, “The boy [Dimitri] is just like, ‘thuck.’ Just a chunky, like, ‘BAHHH,’” Kutcher said, imitating his son’s howls.

“He sounds like a pterodactyl, and he’s not coming around,” he joked.

But make no mistake, Kutcher is a proud dad.

He’s clearly relishing fatherhood. He raved, “I invented another human. I just keep inventing them. That’s the second one. That’s my second invention. It’s so cool.”

A family affair

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