A Brief Explanation Of How To Use Instagram

Let’s Make The Best Out Of It!

Photographer Chris Burkard, @chrisburkard, who has over 2 million followers on Instagram, posted a video of his tips and tricks to maintain a creative, attractive, and original profile, which to be honest is what most Instagram users are looking for.

Here are the 10 tips he gave us to make our Instagram page a success.

1. Less selfies and more creativity.

He recommends we ditch the obsessive upload of selfies and instead upload what we see.


2. Use the Hyperlapse app to speed up the videos.

Because time-lapses are very attractive and fun.


Via: Instagram

3. Slow-motion videos are also a good idea.

Same as time-lapses, slow-motion videos are also very attractive and usually take a lot of creativity to create an amazing one.

slow motion

4. Use themes.

You should try to be consistent with trying to use the same style photographs or themes because this way your feed will be visually attractive.

Via: @Aleksandrazee

5. Try VSCO and Snapseed.

Instead of using Instagram’s editor, try using these apps that even let you edit in RAW mode.


6. Focus on the story.

Take a good shot is good but take a good shot with a good history is a killer combo.

7. Add a location to your photos.

According to Burkard it adds about 75% more engagement.

8. Don’t use lame hashtags, only use the ones you consider relevant or necessary.

It’s unnecessary SPAM and if they are not relevant, they don’t do well on the engagement.


9. Look up for accounts that you may like, and try to interact with them through likes and comments.

That way your chances of them go into your profile are a lot higher.

Farewell Summer

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10. Don’t do tag for likes or the follow-back

It gives a bad image to your profile and if you are posting good content is really unnecessary.

If you want to check the whole video out here it is!


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