21 Funny Ideas to Dress Up Your Pet

Fruity Cats or Taco Dogs. Delicious and Adorable!

Is there anything funnier than pets dressed up? I don’t think so! There’s something about dressing up pets that is just hilarious!  Maybe is the funny way they walk, or their funny face expressions, but definitely pets dressed up are adorable and fun.

There are multiple occasions where you can dress up your pets. The most commons are Easter, Christmas and let’s not forget about Halloween. But there are also some other occasions like weddings, birthdays or even parties. And I have to say, that sometimes you just don’t need an occasion.

Halloween is always a good time to put a costume on your pet

1.How would you call a cat dressed up as a banana? Catnana?

cat costumed
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2. A Mexican dog, of course.

mexican dog
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3. This military dog might find useful its sight

militar costume
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4. The sheriff is ready to put some order in town now!

sheriff dog costume
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5. Morris sure knows how to look seriously at its patients.

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6. Ahoy! Captain Jack Sparrow!

jack sparrow
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7. Taco Dog

taco costume
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8. Maybe if your doggie is too lazy to trick and treat, you should try this old lady costume

sleepy dog
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9. If your cat is too dope, then let it show all the swag

rap cat
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10. Everybody loves an athlete

basketball costume
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In Christmas, we sure have occasions to brag about our lovely pets.

11. Rudolph, there you are!

costumed dog
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12. They are so excited to be reindeers, for sure.

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13. They are also more than happy to wear those horns

christmas dog costume
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14.We found the Grinch dressed up as an elf

elf cat
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15. More than ready to welcome the New Year!!

dog new year
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And if you need more reasons to dress up your pet…

16. Look at this Easter Bunny

easter costume
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17. Let’s hope he doesn’t get eaten on Thanksgiving

turkey costum
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Sometimes you just gotta show how cool your pet is

18. Flawless

dog glasses
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19. A bit more casual, but still hip

glasses cool dog
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20. I bet this one looks like its owner

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21. 007: License to kill

bow cat
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