20 Places You Should Travel After Turning 30

Traveling Is Life

So, your twenties are far behind you. You’ve already experienced the never ending party nights, the shortness of money and maybe you now have some money saved. Looks like you’re finally becoming an adult. Maybe now you enjoy more some chill friends get together rather than those loud nights at clubs. And who knows, maybe you’re settling down with someone.

Now you want to experience something different, something more related to culture, cuisine, and nightlife. You want something comfortable, maybe even luxurious, but with a bit of adventure.

These are the places you should go after turning 30.

1. Turkey is not only exotic but full of culture. Istanbul will be for sure a place to visit and enjoy the city life.

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2. Tulum. Maybe in your twenties you hit the clubs in Cancun, but now Tulum offers you beautiful and calm beaches to explore and relax.

riviera maya
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3. Aspen. If you’re into snow sports or chilling out by the chimney then Aspen’s your place.


4. Machu Picchu. The awesome ruins of the Inca civilization, this is one great option for those who love adventure.

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 5. Monte Carlo. If you want the perfect combination of cuisine, fun, beautiful places, and luxury this is your place.

monte Carlo
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6. Kenya. Go for a safari in Kenya and surround yourself with all the beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

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7. St. Petersburg. Go have a few shots of vodka in Russia and enjoy the views of this beautiful city full of opulent palaces, marvelous cathedrals and plazas.

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8. Grand Canyon. Explore the Grand Canyon in rafting

grand canyon
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9. Sri Lanka. One of the most magical islands, you can enjoy the cultural riches, imposing temples and Buddhist architecture it has to offer.

sri lanka
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10. Quebec. This Canadian city is a synonym of multiculturalism, city life, and beautiful places.

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11. Bolivia. Go to a little piece of paradise and visit the Salar Uyuni, the world largest salt flat.

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12. Egypt. Explore the archeological treasures of one of the most ancient civilization.

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13. Bora Bora. Stay in an overwater hut in this beautiful island.

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14. Santorini. Imagine enjoying a beautiful sunset in this lovely place.

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15. Tokyo. Visit the place where the ancient and the modern blend.

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16. Rome. Walk the city of love and culture while you enjoy the best gelato in the world.

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17. Amsterdam. Enjoy the canal-lined streets, the cozy cafés and the spirit of this beautiful city.

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18. Morocco. This beautiful and rich country has a lot to explore and enjoy.

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19. Portugal. A bit piece of Europe unlike anywhere else, you will probably appreciate its calm beauty now you’re 30.

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20. Warsaw. This city is both gritty and charmingly beautiful. Definitively a stunning place to visit.

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