What Are The Weirdest Things People Do With Their Faces

There Are So Many Expressions That Are So Funny, Here You The Best Ones

People communicate in different ways, of course, talking is one of them. But a lot of the communication happens without words, but through facial expressions. Facial expressions may have different meanings, and they certainly add more to the discussion. Let’s see some of those weird things people do with their faces.

1. Wink.

This is a tricky one because it can mean many things, but most of all is a playful way to say that everything is A-ok. Of course, it may be a way to flirt with somebody ;).

winking face
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2. Nose wrinkling.

Humans may wrinkle their nose to show that they are disgusted by something, but some also wrinkle their nose when they’re laughing.

nose wrinkling
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3. Raise one eyebrow

This is a personal favorite because it has an immediate response of the person we’re talking to. Raising one eyebrow is like saying “Come again?”, Is like checking the information you’re receiving and at the same time showing some discomfort. A dangerous one!

one eyebrow
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4. Both lips pressed together

This is the “awkward situation” face original feature. It’s like saying ok, I’m waiting to have the full information to decide my reaction about this.

lips together
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5. Eyes rolling

Another personal favorite. “The I can’t stand you anymore” expression at its best. If you want to annoy someone, this will guarantee you that. Just be careful not to roll your eyes too hard, for your sake.

eyes rolling
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6. Raising both eyebrows

Do you want to know what’s better that raising an eyebrow? Raising both of them. This expression shows surprise, but not in a good way, is mostly disappointment.

raised eyebrows
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7. Pressing both lips down

The disappointment face we should be all master. This expression is like a mix of frustration, sadness, and manipulation all at the same time.

robert downey jr
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8. Uncomfortable smile

One of those expressions people uses when they’re too polite to say something. Even when you’re somehow smiling, you gotta make sure to express coolness with your eyes.

zooey deschanel
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9. Eyes wide open

Wanna look surprised? This is the expression for you!

joey tribianni
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10. Tongue sticking out

This is one is a playful and mocking expression. We use it  since we’re kids, sometimes to express annoyance or to annoy someone.

tongue stucking out
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11. Open mouth

Shock, surprise, is all included in this expression.

open mouth
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12. Frowning

This one you can use in many situations, when you don’t agree with something someone’s saying to you but you are still trying to be nice.

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13. Biting the tongue

This one is not that commonly used is like flirting, or being playful with someone.

biting tongue
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14. Mouth to one side

This is a really weird expression and is mostly used to express annoyance or discomfort. It’s like saying “”

mouth to one side
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15. Pressing both lips and pulling them to the sides

Funny face, weird face, all wrapped in one. This one shows serious discomfort and indecision regarding what to do.

kristen wiig
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