Sutton v Arsenal: Wayne Shaw’s pie-eating investigated by FA & Gambling Commission

Such A Sad Situation

Soccer is unfair most of the time for the little teams. As sometimes most they can aspire is to promotion, avoid relegation, and if they’re lucky enough to finish decently in mid-table to achieve some international action.

Also, the domestic cups bring the opportunity to this teams to escalate in the tournament tree and to make a name for themselves. Not necessarily winning it, as this will be a cinderella story, but at least to reach a high stage of the tournament that will raise the name of the club. This has been recently the case for Sutton United as they reach the FA cup’s quarter-final.

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Sutton United’s star.

Sutton United has really made a name for themselves this year. Since they’re a small club from the fifth tier of English football. As they’ve reached the quarter-final of the FA Cup, something very difficult. Not only because of the league the club plays but also due to the fact that English football is one of the toughest and most populated. So this is truly an achievement.

Not only Sutton United did more than legendary clubs like Liverpool in the FA Cup this season. Also, they’ve gone viral by two rising stars. One is his manager, Pauls Doswell, who took the team to the high instance of the tournament, but also because he constantly vapes on the sideline on games. The other is the reserve keeper Wayne Shaw, who’s chubby looks are something the internet just can’t get enough. Turning him into meme and internet celebrity.



Bet on the pie.

If Sutton United reaching to this instance of the tournament was against the odds, something else has tumble across the betting department. As the funny looking keeper was investigated for a bet relating him to eat a pie on camera on the tie against Arsenal. Since before the Monday match, a bookmaker offered odds of 8-1 that Shaw would eat a pie on camera during the match.

As Shawn did, in fact, ate a pie in the 83rd minute of the match, something that was caught on camera. An FA spokesperson confirmed: “We are investigating to establish whether there has been any breach of The FA rules relating to betting.” Also, The Gambling Commission, which regulates and licenses gambling in Britain, said they’re looking: “irregularity in the betting market and establishing whether the operator has met its license requirement to conduct its business with integrity.”

Forced retirement.

Sadly after being investigated by The FA Shawn was found guilty. By the argument that ¨giving information that you are aware of due to your position in the game and which is not publicly available”. It adds: “You are not allowed to pass inside information on to someone else which they use for betting.”

Also, the known “Roly Poly Goalie” was forced to hang his gloves. Since “This decision was taken at board level. ¨We felt we had to take very strong actions. The chairman spoke to him this afternoon and Wayne offered his resignation. I’m devastated, the chairman is devastated. I have spoken to Wayne and the guy is in tears, crying down the phone. It is a very sad situation.” said manager Dowswell.



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