Disney Did The Rogue One Movie Retold With Legos And It’s Incredible

The Ending Is Very Different Though

Star Wars is one of the most iconic pop culture symbols ever. As it not only has generations of fans but it has also been a revolutionary franchise. The story is amazing and the innovations they presented when it first got out made them an amazing cult movie.

That’s the reason why we all got very excited when the epic saga’s new movies were announced, as they add more elements to the incredible storyline. Introducing us to new characters, filling plot holes and so on. That’s why Rogue One was so cool, and also due to its unexpected finale.

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LEGO Star Wars

Star Wars has been so big that even Disney had the need to buy them. Along with that, they’ve aligned with LEGO to create tons of amazing shorts, addicting video games, toys and more.

So the guys from Disney decided to gave us a more “child-like” version of the movie, while also giving us a treat on with a LEGO version of it. That includes incredible humor, cool special effects and a really simple and adorable variant of the movie.

If you didn’t see it

Although the end it’s not entirely loyal to the film’s most murderous end, the video it’s a perfect sum version. Giving it a humorous touch and obviously a most Disney-line ending to it.

So if you didn’t get a chance to see the movie you can now say you have, after watching this video. Also, if you did saw it probably you liked more this version, especially for its action scenes. Along all of that, we must really say that the LEGO version of Rogue One it’s as good as the original life version of it.

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The LEGO-semblance

One of the aspects that we enjoyed the most of the whole video was obviously the LEGO versions of the characters. As the resemblance between the characters and their LEGO versions is amazing, even though the LEGO ones are better looking in some cases.

Besides, it’s pretty cool that the whole video is shot in a kid’s bedroom and that the source of evil is the dad’s briefcase. Maybe that’s why the empire failed, as it doesn’t seem like such a good place to hide the Death Star’s plans.

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