Oscars Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Them Live [VIDEO]

This Has Always Been One Of My Favorite Segments Of Kimmel’s Show

The 89th edition of the Oscars, took place on Sunday night, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel the award ceremony had a bit of everything. Kimmel did an incredible job at animating the ceremony, especially by his political bold jokes, and tweets.

The host lighted up the room with his dark humor. Especially by picking on Matt Damon in a hilarious way. But besides hosting the whole awards, Kimmel did another contribution to the ceremony on Sunday.

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Mean Tweets Oscar Edition

Due to the fact that he was the Oscar’s host last night, he decided to bring one of his classics to the occasion. Bringing one of the most beloved segments of his show, the “Mean Tweets” sketch. Only that this time it was watched live by the whole Oscar audience and it involved some really cool celebrities

Many stars featured on the segment, were nominated and some are just Hollywood icons.It’s always funny to see celebrities reading mean comments of themselves.

Full of hate

Obviously, the tweets were mean. But there were some really harsh ones on the celebrities saying some disgusting, yet funny, things about them.

The funniest part of this segment, besides watching the reactions of the stars, is the fact that random people really feel this deep hate for them, without having a real reason. Making it all more nonsense and hysterical.

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Making fun of it.

Aside from all the mean comments on Twitter, most of the celebrities laughed about it. It seems that people on the internet are really clever and creative in making jokes.Like Samuel L. Jackson and Jeff Bridges admit that the accusations that this mean jokes on Twitter are actually true. Making us laugh even harder with the whole situation.

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One of the best things of the mean tweets are the comparisons that some people online pull out.Especially the ones that involve Emma Stone, Whoopi Goldberg, and Tilda Swinton. Being the last one compared to a dog. That we must all admit it did look like her.

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