How to Leverage Your Marketing Success with Motion Graphics

How to Leverage Your Marketing Success with Motion Graphics

What is motion design and graphics? If you aren’t familiar with these terms, then you should learn about them as soon as possible. They’re exceedingly useful with marketing and advertising for your business, regardless of what your particular niche happens to be. In this article, we’ll lay out some compelling reasons that you should start using motion graphics, and when we’re finished, you’ll understand why you should view them as a necessity going forward.

Motion Graphics Grab User Attention

Why use motion graphics? A study by Microsoft about motion graphics software revealed that humans have an attention span of eight seconds, which is shorter than that of a goldfish, which loses interest at nine seconds.

Doubtless, this is partially due to technological advancements. The human attention span has decreased due to the advent of things like cell phones, television, etc. Motion graphics combine elements of audio, visual, animation, and sound. This attracts the attention of your viewers in mere seconds, increasing the chances of linger time and sales.

Motion graphics for business purposes can be 30 seconds or shorter, or they could be as long as 3 minutes. According to a Facebook study, even watching 10 seconds of a social media ad with motion graphics is enough to increase brand awareness significantly. Different types of motion graphics that stand out from the crowd will create positive buzz around your products.

Business Motion Graphics Create a Visual Impact

Humans are visual learners, hence the importance of motion graphics. We are more likely to remember concepts and ideas through charts, diagrams, illustrations, etc.

Uses of motion graphics are many, and their power lies in their visual presentation. Using graphic elements and animation techniques is a way for you to deliver your message within seconds and create an impact for which you were hoping. The idea of your product or service has now been implanted into the brain of the consumer.

Marketing Motion Graphics Can Convey Complex Ideas

Through motion graphics ads, you can easily add excitement to static graphic elements. With the help of animation, live video footage, and audio, you can present complex ideas that appeal to the human senses of sight and sound.

They Increase Ad Engagement

When motion graphics are used in social media posts and ads, they attract attention, but they also entertain your audience. This leads to higher engagement rates and brand awareness.

Motion graphics are more engaging because they appeal to the emotions. The right ad with the proper motion graphic elements could be all that’s required to induce someone to buy your product, sign up for your mailing list, or follow your company on social media.

Motion Graphics Can Create a Distinct Brand Identity

Brand awareness and association are what drives up conversion rates. If a consumer has never heard of your brand or doesn’t remember your ads, then the chances of them buying from you are remote.

The script for your ad is vital in putting forth the product and information of which you want your potential customer to be aware. Of equal importance, though, are the choices of music, shapes, and colors that you employ, design elements, and even the movement that is taking place on screen. All of this combined can create a powerful impression. Through your ad, your brand needs to be instantly recognizable, and also memorable. Motion graphics can help with that.

It Makes the Commonplace Thrilling

If your audience enjoys your video ads, it increases brand association by 139% and purchase intent by as much as 97%. However, if you are presenting a product that is not considered to be conventionally exciting, it makes it that much more critical for you to advertise it in a compelling way. There is no better way to explain the benefits of good motion graphics design than the following.

Which do you think your audience would enjoy more? The first option might be a video of a person explaining your company and its intentions to the camera. The second would be some of your products or services presented through motion graphics.

The answer is always going to be the second option. Motion graphics create a world without limitations. There, you can craft a truly engaging narrative that evokes a strong urge in the viewer to buy from you.

Evoking emotion in marketing has been proven to positively impact consumer decision-making, even in B2B markets. It has always been that way, so be sure to leverage that in your ads. Principles in animation in motion design dictate that if you can get your audience to watch your ads for even a few seconds more, it means financial benefits for you in the long run.

It Is Highly Sharable

Today, the world is shifting from laptops and desktops to mobile devices for content consumption. Ads that employ motion graphics are ideally situated to go viral, which should be your ultimate goal.

The benefits of using animation in the media is something that many news outlets have come to understand. That is why you see graphic visual aids in so many broadcasts these days.

How to Use Motion Graphics in Your Advertising and Marketing

What can a graphic designer do for my business? Well, motion graphics is a relatively new marketing medium. It gives you the benefit of videos, audio, infographics, text content, and graphic design, all rolled into a single package. You need someone who is a master of all of these elements if you are to be successful in your new venture.

When used properly, motion graphics in ads can highlight your product’s best features and benefits for potential clients.

They can be used for various applications in your marketing campaign. Here are some great motion graphics examples if you need some ideas:

    • Traditional Television Ads
    • Motion Graphics Video and Display Ads Online
    • Social Media Posts
    • Social Media Ads with Animation
    • Videos for Your Company that Explain Concepts, Ideas, and Processes
    • Brand-Promotional Videos to Publicize Your Business
  • The Use of Motion Graphics in Media
  • Culture Marketing Videos that Showcase Your Brand, Employees, Values, and Causes

Moreover, you can figure out even more use cases of motion graphics for better UX and business success as it’s a true working way to make your company stand out from others.

You should now have a better conception of the value of motion graphics. The more you learn about them, the more you’ll come to understand that without them, your ads are going to seem drab and uninspired.

Don’t get left out of this trend. Learn how to create motion graphics and allocate resources for them in your ads going forward. You should be rewarded in the form of steadily-climbing engagement numbers.

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