Kim Kardashian Denies Cocaine Use Rumors And Reveals The Truth

She Was Accused After She Posted A Snap With Two ‘Suspicious’ White Lines

Kim Kardashian shut down cocaine use rumors on Tuesday after a Twitter user posted a screenshot from Kim’s Snapchat in which two “suspicious” white lines on the table.

While Kim cleared the air in the most mom way, reports say Kanye is preparing new music to drop later this year.

Getting things straight

On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian was accused of cocaine use by a Twitter user.

The user posted a screenshot from Kim Kardashian‘s Snapchat in which there were two mysterious white blobs behind Kardashian, which the user claimed was cocaine.

The original video was a promotion for Kids Supply, the children’s clothing line she’s releasing with husband Kanye West.

When the accusation was first made, Kardashian was quick to fire back.

In a series of videos, Kim explained that the lines were likely leftover candy from a trip to the sweets store Dylan’s Candy Bar.

To prove that the table was actually just a table, Kardashian posted a video. She even used the same Snapchat filter, just for the super skeptics.

Previously Kim has claimed that she hardly drinks, which made the drug accusations pretty shocking.

But things only developed in a funny way as it turned out it wasn’t candy.

After posting a series of videos to set things straight, Kardashian realized that the table in question was made of black and white marble. Hence, the “suspicious white lines” were just the marble table.

Just another day in this crazy world.

Working on new sounds

Kanye West was spotted working on some presumably great music with Migos over the weekend.

West was seen hitting a Los Angeles-area studio with Migos Sunday to work on something amazing without any doubts. Though we have literally no additional information regarding the lengthy session it’s worth remarking that Migos were featured on a recent batch of West leaks.

The Georgia trio appeared alongside Young Thug on the track ‘Hold Tight’. Which surfaced online last month with ‘Euro (Switch Hands)’ featuring ASAP Rocky and an excerpt from the solo cut ‘Can U Be.’

Also, a 20-second teaser of a possible Migos x Kanye West track was also posted to Snapchat back in February 2016.

West enlisted Migos’ Quavo for the GOOD Music collab track “Champions” last June. The track also featured Travis Scott, Big Sean, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Desiigner, and Yo Gotti.

At the time of its release, ‘Champions’ was touted as the first single from the still-not-released ‘Cruel Winter’ compilation.

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