Gucci Is Giving The World An Out Of Earth Campaign, That’s All About Aliens

The Pepsi Marketing Team Should Take One Or Two Examples From Gucci.

Supermodels are getting a bit of competition from a galaxy far, far away. On Friday, Gucci surprised the world when it skipped the traditional supermodel campaign and decided that aliens should pose in the new collection instead.

The pictures are part of the Fall 2017 Gucci campaign. The iconic house is sending a loud and clear message, they are going extra.

Pushing the limits of fashion

Gucci has always pushed the limits when it comes to fashion. The iconic house is not only one of the most hyped high fashion brands but is changing the high fashion advertising game for good.

The house has always had a pretty strong advertising game. Under Tom Ford, it was known taking it to its most scandalous sexy.But those were the days of Ford. The brand is now under a new name and fulfilling different necessities in a whole different world.

Alessandro Michele stepped in as creative director in January 2015. He brought all his chaos magic to the Italian house taking over the collections, catwalks, and campaigns.Gucci under Michele might be remembered for embracing the internet weirdness in a unique way.

Michele’s aim as creative director is “to engage with a wider creative community than that which traditionally locates around the world of fashion.”So far so good, Alessandro was recently named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine.

Gucci And beyond

Gucci has taken the weirdness one step further on his recent campaign Gucci and Beyond.

On Friday the high fashion brand posted on Instagram a series of what can only be named Gucci alien campaign. In a series of videos, the new cast comes in all different shapes and sizes where the less frequent shape is human.

The videos show the creatures wearing different designs. They stand in front of a green screen and introduce themselves as they tell us where they come from.

The aliens include Kerelanda Enchant from the planet Xoph and Ejaw Bolsorg from the Xoor Cluster. As you can see there’s not a glimpse of Gigi Hadid nor Kendall Jenner.In one clip, alien Kerelanda Encanta talks to the camera to say: ‘If I’m correct, this is a Kivordian time portal, a gateway to other times and dimensions. It could take us to any place in history!’

In some of the screen tests, the creatures speak in sounds that don’t resemble human sounds and Gucci graced us with subtitles.The outfits go from floral coats, striped scarves, stamped sweaters,  and more.

The house has not stated anything about the campaign, so we’re not sure if they’re casting for an incredibly crazy intergalactic fashion movie or what’s going on.What’s for sure is that they’re stating that their game is beyond extra and they’re literally pushing the boundaries of fashion in the name of art.

And when it comes to Gucci there’s method and meaning in the madness, after all, Gucci is truly out of this world.

It’s crystal clear that they are targeting millennials

The Gucci and Beyond campaign, aka Gucci alien campaign, is not the only one with weird-eccentric touch.In mid-March, Gucci shocked the world with the #That Feeling When Gucci campaign, which left pretty clear the target of the high fashion advertising.

Gucci teamed up with meme creators and visual artists to create the campaign that consisted of high fashion memes celebrating the launch of Gucci’s new watch collection Le Marche des Merveilles.As a way to mock itself and celebrate meme culture Gucci came up with what we now call fashion memes. Alessandro Michele handpicked the team for the breakthrough campaign.

The team included visual artists Amanda Charchian and Olaf Breuning, and meme makers @beigecardigan and @youvegotnomale.

They came up with some fashion inspired memes that showcase the watches.One meme read, “When he buys you flowers instead of a Gucci watch,” reads a second, featuring a deadpan 16th-century portrait of the Spanish noblewoman Eleanora di Toledo.

The memes had all the Gucci glamor as they incorporate some of the most popular memes. Some delivered sassy messages, other were far more eloquent that the beloved F*ck Jerry posts.They definitely proved that the fashion house has a sense of humor and also that the house is definitely targeting millennials.

The brand knows that in order to be hype and relevant they gotta talk in a way that the youth can easily identity, and what better way that memes.Reactions toward the campaign were a mixed of amusement and boredom. Some people loved it and found it pretty funny while others thought it was not cool at all. Whether you find it boring or funny is without a question an attempt to bridge two worlds.

The result, well, an entertaining browsing showing human absurdity. And human absurdity sometimes turns out to be actually delightful.


Source: The Verge


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