Foo Fighters Surprised The World With A New Song And Video

It Was About Time, We’ve Been Waiting For A Long Time.

Wake up, Foo Fighters is back! The band released a new video and song on Thursday and blessed our week.The track marks the group’s first single in a while. The band went on a musical hiatus after touring in support of their 2014 album, Sonic Highways.

The band went on a musical hiatus after touring in support of their 2014 album, Sonic Highways.

Foo Fighters shows us how to rock in the proper way

Foo Fighters surprised its fanbase on early Thursday morning. The band announced through Twitter their new song, ‘Run and extend.’ An invitation to run for our lives with them.

Run is the group’s first new music since the 2014 album and the 2015 EP Saint Cecilia. And what a way to make a comeback, with the Foos rocking a nursing home.

The video opens with an old man receiving his, not so delicious, meal by the hand of a scary nurse. Then he joins the rest of the elders of the retirement home. This is when the Foos make their appearance as geriatrics themselves.The band starts playing Run and a riot takes over the place. The band’s sound does its best to encourage the old men to run.

The video includes hilarious moments such as a quick choreographed dance routine and the old men fighting a bunch of hipsters. The video was directed by the led man, Dave Grohl, who showed us there’s nothing he can’t do.


The band says goodbye to the separation rumors

For a while last year, it looked like Foo Fighters was done. They’d just come off a torrid 2015 where Grohl broke his leg and was forced to cancel a tour. Rumors persisted that the group was preparing to split.Lead man Dave Grohl previously addressed the rumors and said, “We’re not breaking up anytime soon, that would be like your grandparents getting a divorce. Too weird.”

Luckily, they bit back with a hilarious video. Dismissing those rumors and revealating that a new album was happening, eventually. Run is definitely a sneak peek of what’s to come in the anticipated ninth album. And judging by the full-speed-ahead-rock song’s sound, the band is making a return to the old sound.

Their last album, explored new musical styles as they recorded in different cities. While there were tentative plans to record a sequel to the project they resulted in no fruition.The Foos tested the new song in a live setting when they played a surprise gig in the U.K. back in February.

The band just headlined Napa Valley’s BottleRock Festival this past week and are set to play U.K. fest Glastonbury and Denmark’s Roskilde Festival this month. You can expect them to play it again — and other new tracks, including The Sky, is a Neighborhood on these occasions.

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