Eminem Doesn’t Mind Losing His Fan Base If They’re Trump Supporters

¨I Feel That I Defended What Was Right And I Am On The Right Side Of This¨

As we all know, Eminem and the President of the United States, Donald Trump, unleashed controversies at the BET Hip Hop Awards some time ago. After this he did something that very few musicians have been able to do before, he directed all that tour directly towards the fans, some of which hurt because they are supporters of Trump.

Since then, the Detroit rapper doesn’t regret it.

Eminem vs Trump

“At the end of the day, if I lost half of my fan base, so be it. Because I feel that I defended what was right and I am on the right side of this,” he told Billboard in an interview published on Thursday.”I see how someone could be middle class, destroying him every day, salary check, who thinks that this * – multimillionaire is going to help you.”

When the musician publicly criticized the president in an explosive freestyle cycle of 4.5 minutes, the line directed in “The Storm” especially highlights the artists and how most of the time avoid offending his followers.

“And any fan of mine who is a supporter of him, I’m drawing a line in the sand. You’re for or against, and if you cannot decide who you like best and you’re divided over who you should stand next to, I’ll do it You with this. * – You,” Eminem hit, waving his middle finger directly at the fans.

Both Trump and the White House have not yet responded to these arrows to the heart thrown by the artist.

Revival after 6 years

When the rapper released his most recent album “Revival”, putting the political issue he deals with on top, there were many allusions of lyric attacks against the new president. This record was published in December.

“When (I released” The Storm “), I felt that everyone who was with him at that time does not like my music anyway.” he told Billboard. “I get the comparison with the non-political correction, but apart from that, (Trump and I) are polar opposites.”

Fans who once supported Eminem, turned their backs on him to back his new president, Donald Trump.

Trump is a big Twitter fan, and in December he tweeted about the freestyle. “It’s a bit strange that he’s admitting to being prepared to face a 70 years old politician. Probably not the best look. For both the freestyle #WillTheRealLoserPleaseStandUp, “Trump Jr. tweeted, referencing Eminem’s song” The Real Slim Shady.”  totally a k.o.

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