If You Still Don’t Know What Disneybounding Is This Article Is For You

A Cool Way To Revive Your Favorite Characters

Disney Bound is a creative project that Leslie Kay brought to life a couple of years ago. Disney fans pick a character they want to portray and model an outfit using certain color pallets and accessories to they revive their favorite characters.

This Canadian girl said this a way for teenagers and adults to show their love and appreciation for Disney. Also to play dress up without actually wearing a costume. So, if you enjoy getting lost in the world of Disney, this will become your hobby.

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What is Disney Bound?

We have been hearing this for a couple of years but some may still not quite sure what it is. During an interview, Leslie Kay explained that it’s about “finding a line where Disney and fashion collide.”

This project is meant to be an inspiration for people to pull together their own outfits which work for their bodies and wallets. The creative face who came up with this great idea added that “it’s not as outlandish as cosplaying and subtle enough to be able to go out in public and look nice but still get nods of approval from Disney fans.”

The face behind Disney Bound.

Leslie Kay, is a Canadian girl who studied marketing. Social media, like Tumblr and Pinterest, led her to create DisneyBound.

As fashion has been Leslie’s hobby since she was young, she came up with the idea of character outfits based off her own clothes. “I’ve always had a passion for the imaginary, magical and slightly bizarre so I enjoy getting lost in the world of Disney,” Kay claimed.

Disney Bound Tips & Tricks.

Leslie recorded this video in collaboration with Disney Style to show us how to Disneybound correctly. “I like to use items that might show off something that the character might come into contact with our part of their storyline,” Leslie explained.

Source: Mashable


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