Disney Unveils Detailed Models Of Star Wars Land Park

Disney Might Be Also Revealing Some Trailers For Thor, Mary Poppins And The Incredibles 2

Disney kicked off this year’s D23 Expo on Friday, by unveiling a detailed model of an upcoming Star Wars attraction. Cool images of “Star Wars Land” already flooded the internet, and it’s everything fans could ask for, and more.

The D23 Expo is taking place this weekend in Anaheim, Californa. So, you can expect cool Disney announcements breaking the web this weekend.

Star Wars, From Our Screens To Reality

If you ever wanted to drink at the Mos Eisley Cantina or see a real life replica of the Millenium Falcon, your dreams are about to come true.

For now, Star Wars fans have a “Star Wars Land” model to marvel at, which was unveiled on at the D23 Expo in Anaheim. Along with the awesome and pretty detailed model, the Mouse House revealed cool information of the upcoming theme park.

“This is the most ambitious land we’ve built to date,” chairman of Disney’s parks division Bob Chapek said as the model was unveiled.Yes, it totally is. The two 14-acre parks will be is estimated at $1 billion, in Anaheim, California and Orlando, Florida.

As they announced, construction at both parks began in 2016, and while the company isbeing pretty reserved about its evolution, they will be “fully operational”, to quote Emperor Palpatine, by 2019.

‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ is also expected to be released in summer 2019, so the franchise fans will be pretty packed.

The park is all about role-playing, and visitors’ choices will have consequences. And if you were wondering, the setting is a new but unnamed planet, a far-flung trading post on the edge of the galaxy’s “Wild Space”.

Two new attractions were also announced. In a reminiscent of the “Star Tours” ride that once existed at Disneyland parks, visitors will have the chance to experience a simulated mission aboard the Millenium Falcon.

And a ride that puts the rider in the middle of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance.

What’s that D23 Expo thing?

The D23 Expo first started in 2009 and since it’s celebrated every other year. At first, it was a small trade convention that catered mostly to fans of the Disney parks and die-hard collectors.

But over the years, it has evolved into a booming source of industry similar to San Diego Comic-Con. This evolution into such an anticipated event, it’s partly explained by the company’s recent acquisitions.

Recently, Disney has bought the rights of big Marvel, Lucasfilm, and even James Cameron’s Avatar, which of course, come with huge fanfares.And just like the Comic-Con, D23 Expo delivers trailers and information regarding upcoming projects.

The last time Disney held its biennial D23 Expo two years ago, we got first looks at footage from ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘Moana’. Also, “Star Wars Land” was announced to great fanfare and the wonderfully wild Marvel movie now known as ‘Doctor Strange was just some slides of concept art.


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Possible revelations for this weekend

As previously announced, Disney has some big projects in hands, and this week might serve as the unveiling moment for some of them, here’s what to expect. A full trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi,’ while we got the first teaser trailer in April, you can expect a full trailer over the weekend.

The Mouse House is busy working on the ‘Mary Poppins Return’. However, we haven’t seen much yet but a leaked pictures of Emily Blunt working her magic on. So, we probably get to see the anticipated trailer of this magical return, please.

While the Comic-Con is just a week ahead, D23 might still release information and visuals for the Marvel Universe projects. This has happened in previous years too. Full trailers for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and ‘Black Panther’ will cheer our weekend, for sure.

Also, a teaser trailer for ‘A Wrinkle in Time,’ which is in post production by now. The Ava Duvernay’s adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle sci-fi classic, already released first images this week, so why not let us see Oprah in some stills?

’90s kids, hold on tight, this is for you. Footage from ‘The Incredible 2’ or ‘Toy Story 4’ most drop over the course of the weekend. The superhero family screen return is set to less than a year now, so, we’re seeing something this weekend, you can bet.

An update delivery of Disney live-action films ‘Cruella’ and ‘Peter Pan’ must be on the table too. Contrary to the Pixar films, these films are just kicking off, but we still loved to hear about them.

And of course, the elephant in the room, the still untitled Han Solo movie. Last time, the project’s directors were fired by Lucasfilm. Now that a new director is on board, Ron Howard, exciting announcements are expected by fans. At least a title.

Anaheim seems like THE place to be this weekend!

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