This Boy Who Started A Fire During An Anti-Trump Protest Has Gone Viral

A National Hero

Politics have that special something that really gets people to the core. As not only shapes the way a nation is. But it also gets people in love with its ideas. Turning them crazy on certain occasions, to the point, it has caused wars.

So that is why it’s so important. Being the reason why the citizens of the world start to get worried when something smells fishy. Something that happened with Donald Trump’s presidency campaign. As his campaign and victory have been hated not only by his local opponents but for half of the world’s population.

Image Credit: Raw Story
Image Credit: Raw Story

Anti-Trump rally.

During a segment on Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins interviewed people outside the DeploraBall, where an alt-right and pro-Trump rally was taking place. Outside anti-Trump protests started, as well as a small fire.

Jenkins, as any reporter would do went to the scene where the fire broke and interview some of the ones implicated. One of the persons involucrated in the fire was a little boy, who said his name was Connor. Also stating proudly that he was the one who started the fire.

I did start the fire.

Jenkins asked Connor why he started the fire, incorrectly calling him Carter. That is when we start watching Connor’s sassiness and bad ass attitude. As he corrects Jenkins by saying “Um, it’s Connor.”

Then Connor says that he started the fire “because I felt like it, and I’m just saying ‘Screw our President.” After that, he goes away doing a bad ass nod.

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Bad ass kid.

For all these reasons the clip of Connor correcting the Fox News’ reporter went viral on Twitter. Also because in a way he leaves poor Griff looking like a fool, as in a way he burns him in a way only appreciatable in dank memes.

Other of the funny things is the fact that this guy at such a young age has so much attitude. That only can be seen as hysterical. Besides that, some of the most things that leave us wondering of the video, besides how this little chubby kid is so cool, is the guy next to him turning the fire on. As he has urban warrior look.

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Internet reacting.

As anything that goes viral or on the internet, it has epic reaction and replies. As the confidence and attitude that Connor showed the clip was not only appreciated but also hilarious. Something that many comments stated.

Also the boldness the little guy showed turned him into a “national hero,” and since we are talking about politics many say that would vote for him to run for president. When he comes to the legal age to do so. Being considered by many a better option than Trump in just a few seconds the saw of him. Are we seeing the start of a “Screw our president”, referring to Trump, campaign slogan?

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