Bono, U2 Lead Singer Asks Argentinian President About Missing Activist

Santiago Maldonado Has Been Missing Since August 1st

Bono asked Argentina’s president Macri about an activist who went missing, on Monday. The U2 lead singer, who is a member of Amnesty International, asked directly the President during a meeting in Buenos Aires. U2 is currently in Argentina as part of their ‘The Joshua Tree Tour 2017’ tour.

Serious talk

The Irish singer said he spoke to President Macri about Santiago Maldonado.

Maldonado went missing after police cleared protesters from a highway more than two months ago.

The singer also said he was “glad” that Macri is taking the case “seriously.”

Santiago Maldonado went missing on August the 1st. Protesters were demanding the released of a Mapuche indigenous leader. He got jailed after protesting for the return of ancestral lands to the Mapuche people.

The lands currently belong to Italian company Benetton. Maldonado’s case has been giving Macri’s government a hard time. Human rights accuse it of being part of a cover-up.

Argentinians have taken to the streets to protest and demand answers about Maldonado. Also, politicians from opposing political parties, soccer players and celebrities have joined a social media campaign under the slogan: “Where is Santiago Maldonado?”

Argentina has quite a story went it comes to forced disappearances. Human rights groups estimate about 30,000 people died or were forcibly disappeared during the 1976-1983 military dictatorship.

“All the actions that have been carried out to locate the whereabouts of the young man and the permanent cooperation that is being given to the justice system to clear up the case,” read a statement delivered by Macri’s government.

Bono is well known for his humanitarian work and has been a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Delayed jam in the sake of passion and sport

U2 members know better than to make their Argentinian fans choose between them and their love for soccer.

Which is why the rockers decided to delay their Buenos Aires show on Tuesday by nearly two hours. That way fans could watch Argentina’s World Cup qualifying match against Ecuador.

“Can you imagine what the show’s going to be like if Argentina wins?” show producer Daniel Grinbank told an Argentinian paper.

“And if we lose, at least we can get rid of the bitterness with a great show. You can’t go wrong.”

U2 is on ‘The Joshua Tree Tour 2017,’ marking the 30th anniversary of the release of its fifth studio album, which is considered among the best work ever done by the band.

Via Rolling Stone

Source: Latin American Herald Tribune

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