Find Out The Milan Fashion Week Highlights This Year

Armani Predominated With Velvet And Classic Fabrics

Last week we Milan Fashion Week, where we could appreciate fashion statements of autumn and winter for 2018-19. The runway show ended on Monday. Many fashion houses chose to have men as protagonists, programming the show led by women next month. Others decided to go with more practical presentations instead of runway productions in uniformity.
Some of the fashion houses that starred this week mixed women clothing with only male exhibits. But on the last day, the runway was limited to strictly masculine fashion. With Armani, Fendi and Yoshio Kubo closing the previews. 
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Armani predominated with velvet and classic fabrics

Armani predominated the catwalk as one of the favorites for its classic and sometimes minimalist structure. Using cold colors that harmoniously accompany the winter. Between looks with double buttons, collars with shawls and versatile garments. Shirts that can be worn with sports pants or classic pants combined with high mountain boots.

Emporio Armani line opted for a more youthful touch shown on Saturday. Highlighting the velvet. royalties fabric as the main look. The Armani suits, usually a favorite for men with experience in fashion, showed the casual and formal side.

Between the shirts and knitwear, as well as the classic jacket paraded before the spectators surrounding the catwalk. For Armani, “double-breasted construction is beautiful because it does it all. While a single-button jacket is more common. It usually requires a vest or shirt and tie to finish the look!
“You need to compensate for the lack of buttons with other elements,” he advised.

Armani also surprised the audience by creating a shirt with a collar that can be adapted to different shapes thanks to the hidden metallic thread. The white shirts on the catwalk elegantly contrasted the darker tones. Earth colors and basic colors were the combinations of this designer. Opting for the basic but classic that never fails.
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Fendi on top

Silvia Venturini Fendi took a trip to the past of this fashion house. Finding a carousel of surprises. From skins to bags of all kinds flew over a conveyor belt while models passed by. The large and colorful accessories had a leading role, a very Fendi touch. From Safari hats covered in fur to plastic rainbands and caps that were shaped like an umbrella with the Fendi brand everywhere.
The collection had a very vintage tone with a contemporary touch. Brown and gold were the predominant colors on the Fendi catwalk. The silhouettes were leaning towards wide and relaxed cuts.
The diagonal details marked the season. Seen in fur coats, feather jackets and matching suits of matching silk shirt and tie. The impression of the season was a collaboration with the artist and designer known on Instagram as @hey_reilly. It was a collage of paintings. Looking inspired by architectural perfection and bearing Fendi’s stamp within this.  Some of the season’s mottos, included “Fredoom.”
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Yoshio Kubo in the sights

Japanese designer Yoshio Kubo says that this experience was the beginning of a dream. A plane crash on Mount Everest as the backdrop for his latest collection “It’s not scary”. The 43 years old designer explained he was in the backstage “I survive, true?”

The stage begins with the diaphanous red parachute that was behind a pair of bright striped trousers paired with a divinely printed top. It definitely gives a deeper meaning to an anorak organza. Its Borden has frayed, which gives as a comparison to a fiberglass shell of an airplane. The colors that were the protagonists of this collection are the bright reds and purples of Nepal. Which would focus on the plane. They appear next to classic colors that combine with everything, between black, gray and other riskier ones such as olive green.

Between a jacquard jacket with fringes in red, black and white that is combined with wide striped trousers for a meditative touch. The sensation was ceremonial. Kubo gave the survivors simulated hoods to improvised turbans and some lunar boots.
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