5 Innovative Ways Instagram is Leading Social Media To Boost Sales

5 Innovative Ways Instagram is Leading Social Media To Boost Sales

Gone are the days of having to use mass marketing tactics in an attempt to try and reach your prospective target market. Instagram lets you access your market all across the globe, any time of day with minimal effort.

You can access people like never before and now with Instagram’s continuing innovation they are making it easier than ever to expose users to your products and increase your revenue, but how are they doing this? Here are 5 innovative ways Instagram is leading social media to boost your sales.

They’ve Taken Out Pesky Click-Throughs

Previously marketing on Facebook and Instagram was a clunky affair with multiple click-throughs. Potential buyers and consumers had to jump through a variety of hoops to get to your content and website which, if it took too long, they would get bored and leave. Now Instagram has implemented an update that means users can click on your post and it will take them to a purchasing page.

It removes all the lags and places where you might have previously lost consumers. This innovative trick will help you increase the through flow and traffic to your sites which in turn will increase your revenue and boost profits. You don’t just have to use this feature on posts; you can also enable it on your stories to give yourself the best chance of your consumers seeing it.

They’ve Introduced the Explore Page

This is something all businesses should be aiming for, if you are making it onto users explore page, you are making it. The entire point of the explore page is to give users similar content to what they are used to seeing, but it tends to focus on content that has a high engagement rate. To increase your chances of reaching the explore page, make sure that you are putting out your best content. You want to make sure that it is original, well-edited and the same content that your followers are used to seeing, in short, keep doing what you are doing and you will make it.

In Application Analytics

Why would you build your entire Instagram strategy on things that you think happen, rather than on what actually happens? Instagram provides you with some of the strongest analytics on the market and you can access them free of charge.

Fully understanding how, when and where your posts are reaching audiences means you can either keep with the strategy you are currently deploying, or if you are seeing a lag in sales or you don’t get the volume you expected in a particular area, and then you can adjust accordingly.

The analytics in the app means that you aren’t going in blind when you are trying to get more through traffic and increase your revenues. One of the most important features is that you are able to see what countries you are reaching and when, if this isn’t what you expected, it could be the reason you are seeing lower sales.

Utilize Growth Services to Maximise Reach

Unlike Facebook, there are no limits to how many people you can follow and can follow you on Instagram, you can maximize this by utilizing growth services or social media automation tools. Growth services work on your behalf to increase your following whilst you complete the more important tasks of managing your business. Click here for more on automation tools for social media & Instagram.

You can configure your growth service to exactly match the audience you want to engage as well as the target market you want to reach to boost your sales. The more people you engage with and follow within your predetermined market segment, the higher the chance that you will see an increase in your revenue and sales. As Instagram doesn’t cap the number of people you can engage with, the possibilities for your sales are endless.

Location-Based Services

You can use Instagram’s innovative location-based services on any type of content you post on the app. These geotagging abilities result in customers being able to find you if they are looking for a business in that particular area, or they are searching for things going on in that area.

Make sure that you utilize this as it will increase your visibility to users and will allow users to see your content that may not have done previously. This innovative tactic can help boost sales in increased momentum on your feed as more people will see your content.

Final thoughts

Instagram really is leading the way in how they are helping businesses of all sizes gain exposure. The latest platform updates make it easier than ever for consumers to find you, engage with your content as well as buy from you.

The fluid movement from post to cart is an amazingly intuitive idea that will increase your traffic to your site and in turn boost your revenue and sales. Make sure that you keep up to date with all the changes Instagram is making so you don’t lose out on potential sales.

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