6 Family-Friendly Events You Can’t Miss

6 Family-Friendly Events You Can't Miss

With the festive season quickly approaching, it’s time to open up your calendar and start planning. There are lots of great, seasonal events that you and your family can enjoy together, so you need to make sure you get tickets booked and travel arrangements made in advance. If you are stuck on ideas, here are six that the whole family will love.

Go See a Broadway Musical

Broadway is the way to go for great entertainment. If you are stuck for ideas on what to see then try Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, a comedy-romance musical that you are sure to love, especially fans of the 1954 film. You can easily find theatre tickets using sites such as Ticket Sales, which allow you to search for events by location and date, making it easy to find what you want.

 Christmas Markets

An easy and budget-friendly option this holiday season is a trip to your nearest Christmas market. Christmas markets are usually an idyllic sight, decorated with lights and people feeling the Christmas spirit; they are also the source of delicious food vendors. While each market holds its own charms, from live performances to activities for kids, they are always the place for handmade and artisan crafts and gifts and mouth-watering food.

Meeting Santa Claus

This is one for the younger kids, as teens won’t be that impressed, but meeting Santa is an important event for many families at Christmas time. Most Santa-meets offer photography to capture the special moment, which makes for an adorable Christmas card picture to send to your family. Nothing beats a hug from Santa himself!


Whilst it’s possible to go ice-skating all-year-round if you live near an indoor ice-rink, ice-skating is even more special during the holidays. It is much easier to find an ice-skating rink at Christmas time, so if it’s an activity your kids want to try, now is the perfect time to do so. Be sure to wrap up warm and make sure the kids are well-padded; it can be tricky to master but great fun for all ages.

Picking out Your Christmas Tree

The closer you get to Christmas, the more you need to think about getting those decorations up. Picking out the Christmas tree is an event the whole family can enjoy doing together, as you pick the perfect tree to fill your living room with Christmas spirit and that much-loved pine-scent. Artificial might be easy, but nothing can beat the real thing, especially when you pick out your tree as a family.


Any kid will fall in love with Disney at Christmas, you probably will too! With so much decoration and lighting, Disney looks stunning at Christmas. They are experts at making things extra special, so they always go big on entertainment options and expect to see lots happening. While a Disney vacation doesn’t come cheap, it’s a vacation you and your kids won’t forget. You will be making dreams come true if you take your kids to Disneyland or Disney World this Christmas.

There is lots to do at Christmas time, but no matter what you end up doing it, the important part is spending time with your family for the holidays.

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