20 Facts About The Titanic That You Didn’t Know About

The Titanic Remains A Mystery For Some People, Superstition Is Not Scarce About This Topic

The Titanic is a story we all know about. The accident itself is as horrifying as it could be.Thousands of people died in tragic circumstances. But there is more to history than that.

We all know about Jack and Rose’s fictional love story, we know the accident occurred in 1912 and that not much people survived it. But, what else should we know?

Here are 20 spooky facts about the titanic that you most probably didn’t know about.

1. The day of the accident, there was meant to be a lifeboat boarding simulacrum, but it was canceled by Captain Edward John Smith. His reasons are unknown.

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2. The Titanic had 20 water-resistant bulkheads, but the problem was that the water was able to move from one bulkhead to another and it was impossible to stop the flow passing through a crack. The weight of the water inside of the bulkheads is what made the boat sink.

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3. A first class suite cost 4.530$, while a third class bunk bed cost 150$.

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4. First-class travelers were able to enjoy a bath in the Turkish bath, while the 700 third-class travelers shared 2 showers.

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5. There were 12 dogs on board, but only 2 of them were saved.

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6. The boat had a capacity for 64 lifeboats but it only had 20. Most of them weren’t even full at the time of the accident.

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7. A group of 8 musicians played a repertoire of 352 songs while the boat was sinking.

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8. It is estimated that a bacteria, called Halomonas titanicae, will consume what’s left of the titanic in about 30 years.

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9. The Titanic took 2 hours and 40 minutes to fully sink after the crash.

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10. One of the passengers decided to take the trip to overcome a trauma about a boat that burned and sunk in 1871. He died on board.

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11. 60% of the first class survived, 42% of the second class and only 25% of the third.

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12. A baker, called Charles Joughin, was rescued after 2 long hours of swimming. The amount of whiskey he had consumed may have regulated his body temperature, and so he survived.

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13. 13 couples on board were celebrating their anniversary.

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14. There was an actual love story aboard. Isidor Straus and Ida were married; Isidor gave his spot at a lifeboat to his wife, who then decided to get in the water to be with his husband until the end. I guess death never did them apart, so romantic!

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15. A woman, called Rhoda Abbott, jumped with her 2 children. She was the only one left alive and the only one rescued from the water.

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16. After the crash, it passed about 1 hour until the lifeboats started to sail.

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17. About 1.500 people died in the accident, only 328 bodies were found and 116 of them were so damaged that they never even got to land.

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18. The first Titanic report stated that there were no deaths, only two days later details were revealed.

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19. The richest man on board was John Jacob Astor IV, who had around 85 million dollars. He died in the accident.

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20. Between the material losses, there were about 7 million letters.

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