There’s An Amazing Vegan Fried Chicken Shop In London

Fried Chicken Without The Guilt? Uhm Yes Please.

Food is, without a doubt, one of the greatest pleasures of life. Seriously it’s in everyone’s top 3. But in this seek of delicious plates and dishes we have harmed our environment. Especially animals, as practically 80% of all dishes contain an animal product. Modern days have been slowly working towards it.

We can all agree that fried food always tastes better. We know it might not be the most healthy food but it is one of the most delicious ones. The king of fried food is obviously fried chicken. Just by saying its name many of us get hungry and start to drool. So how can we fried chicken but animals lovers do to find a balance?


London has the answer.

The answer it’s called “The Temple of Seitan.” It’s a vegan restaurant that opened in Hackney, east London on Saturday. Bringing not only a new place to eat in the city but a healthy and happy option for those animal lovers.

It’s fried but it’s vegan.

The restaurant is serving vegan fried chicken plates. How, would you wonder? They’ve been using seitan, a meat substitute made out of gluten, to recreate the chicken. On their menu, you can find all sort of classical “fried chicken” based dishes like strips, wings, popcorn-style bites, and burgers.

Incredible meatless flavor.

As Co-founder Rebecca McGuinness has explained: “The fried chicken is made from seitan, we use vital wheat gluten mixed with soy and seasonings to replicate the flavors. We found that the seitan chicken we have been making really does taste and have the texture of the real deal.” McGuinness says she has been replicating her favorite “pre-vegan” dishes since she went vegan 10 years ago.

Not everything you hear is true.

“We think it’s important as there is a common misconception that vegans hate the taste of animal products, but this isn’t true. The majority of us go vegan not because we hate the taste of meat, but because we see the important ethical, environmental and health reasons for doing so,” McGuinness stated.

Total success.

One of McGuinness objectives is to show that you don’t have to miss your favorite dishes by going vegan. Due to the few time that “The Temple of Seitan” has been opened we can truly say it has been a complete success. As they’re already lines outside to try their meatless plates. The price range goes from £3 ($3.62) and £8 ($9.65), depending on what you want from the menu.

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