Scroll Down The Funniest Face Swap Moments Of Internet

Kind Of Creepy Sometimes, That’s The Beauty Of Face Swaps

Snapchat filters are my favorite pastime. I can go on and on for hours, but my definite favorite is the face swap filter.

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It’s obvious why the face swapping option is always there, everybody loves it. We give you the 31 most hilarious face swaps in history.

Watch out, you might pee your pants.

1. Like Baby, Like Father.

facd swap 10
Image Credits: ViralNova

2. Someone has the pants in the house, or at least the dippers.

Face Swap 1
Image Credits: ViralNova

3. This is a message for conservationists

face swap 2
Image Credits: ViralNova

4. Mean secretive creepy boy with mustache stearing at you.

face swap 3
Image Credits: ViralNova

5. Never thought that Chiwawas with sunglasses are actually pretty cool.

face swap 4
Image Credits: ViralNova

6. Nice demoniac couple. Yeah they look ok…Call the priest.

face swap 5
Image Credits: ViralNova

7. What is Bane’s daughter doing with the LSD face of Tame Impala’s singer?

face swap 6
Image Credits: ViralNova

8. Talking about recessive genes.

face swap 7
Image Credits: ViralNova

9. That pig is the cutest, funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

face swap 8
Image Credits: ViralNova

10. Faceswap taken too far.

face swap 9
Image Credits: ViralNova

11. This is like a role exchange.

face swap 11
Image Credits: BoredPanda

12. He looks like Mr. Bean!!!

face swap 12
Image Credits: BoredPanda

13. And this little girl is giving me the creeps.

face swap 13
Image Credits: BoredPanda

14. Has anyone noticed that they both have blue eyes?

face swap 14
Image Credits: BoredPanda

15. I love it when snapchat is creative.

face swap 15
Image Credits: BoredPanda

16. Son stop playing with my glasses. Shave please!!

face swap 16
Image Credits: BoredPanda

17. Actually. Wow.

face swap 17
Image Credits: BoredPanda

18. It’s an oven, OMG. Trauma for the rest of her life.

face swap 18
Image Credits: BoredPanda

19. We shall introduce you to the new Disney princess.

face swap 19
Image Credits: BoredPanda

20. Why are babies the funniest?

face swap 20
Image Credits: BoredPanda

21. This cannot be real.

face swap 21
Image Credits: BuzzFeed

22. I’m gonna think about those scary eyes tonight.

face swap 22
Image Credits: BuzzFeed

23. The robot of the guy with the hat and his imaginary friend. Right?

face swap 23
Image Credits: BuzzFeed

24. Starbucks goddess everyone

face swap 24
Image Credits: Tumblr

25. This is my favorite.

26. I don’t even know how snapchat recognized this, lol.

27. Looks like a distorted Pokemon.

28. The cat’s face, OMG.

29. The most passive aggressive photo bomb ever!

30. Alien contact is happening in Twitter right now.

31. Nice move, Mickey.

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