This Sketch With Blink-182 And Linkin Park About First Dates Will Make Your Day Better

These Two Bands Together Create The Goofiest Moments

Blink 182 and Linkin Park, were and still are some of the most important and influential bands in recent times. Since they have been ruling music for two decades with many hit songs, albums, and videos. But besides music, there is something that has always characterized both bands, their good sense of humor. Even though Blink had a bit of the upper hand since they made a name for themselves for being goofy and dumb making sex jokes. Now they’ve joined forces in a sketch.

Turning probably most young adults dreams into true, as we finally got to watch them collaborating in something. Despite it’s for giving dating advice, something we’re not totally sure if it will work. So the outcome can be really funny, making sense to why they put these bands as advisors.

linkin park and blink 182
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First date

Probably Linkin Park and Blink 182 aren’t as successful as they used to, but it’s always good to see them getting involved with the fans. Besides they’ve both changed their sound a bit to keep more with recent times. So helping a couple that’s meeting for the first time through Tinder is another good way to keep up with modernity. Even expanding their horizons and making the awkwardness of online dating a bit less awful.

As the date starts it’s pretty sweet to see them say “sorry I had to bring the band, I didn’t have anywhere else to put them”. Being this something perfectly normal and cool. Besides is the perfect way to break the ice and make an impression, you know just showing up with you favorite band from teenage years. Along with that, we must admit that the guy is pretty clever since he brought Blink to his “first date”. If their song or goofiness doesn’t break the ice then nothing will, and you’re probably dealing with a white walker.

Blinkin Park

While the typical date starts we see the average and awful question been asked of “what you work on?”. Then the girl, Stephanie, says she has a boring office job, to what Chester quickly interrupts her remembering that she shouldn’t sell herself short. Since she is an associate VP, Mike adding a mothf**king associateVP. Steph adds that she is actually proud of her job and that she is an associate VP. Not before one of the awkward and funny dumb moments of the video when Steph and Linkin Park remember their “motto” of “don’t be sorry, be certain,” wich actually isn’t such a bad advice.

This impresses Charlie, the guy, who says he is currently unemployed because “the system is against him”. Travis and Matt stopping him saying it’s not the time to rail against the system. Then Blink and Charlie release their own motto of “she won’t say she kissed him, after he rails against the system,” being a more blurry and odd advice that for Charlie and Blink makes perfect sense.

linkin park and blink 182
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This night is almost over

Charlie recapacitates and says he is an aspiring cartoonist, and after Steph asks her to draw something for her. Despite he, doubts a bit Mark convinces him by quoting “the First Date,” then Travis intervenes saying “don’t draw a butt”. Apparently Charlie’s specialty, he ends up doing a cute flower instead.

Finally, the bands convince them, as the goofy little kids we all know they’re, to kiss. Travis then says “propose” and Charlie realizes, with the help of Blink, that he loves Steph and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Despite meeting her a few minutes ago. Then Mark says “break up,” God dammit Mark is always you, to what all the other band members join him. The clip is a good dumb piece of fun and shows us a very “excited” Travis as a highlight along with some co-headlining stadium dates together.

linkin park and blink 182
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