Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder Announced They’re Expecting Their First Baby

The Cute Couple Took Instagram To Share The News

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed just announced that they are expecting their first child. The couple shared the lovely news with a heart melting photo on Instagram this Thursday.

Reed posted a photo of herself and her husband kissing her very prominent baby bump, writing, “Hi Little One, I know you, but only because I feel you. How is it possible to love someone so much already? All I know for sure is it’s the strongest feeling I’ve ever felt.

“We’ve been sharing this body for quite some time, and we’ve already experienced so much together. We can’t wait to meet you… Love, Your parents.”

Later, the ‘Vampire Diaries’ star shared the same photo and wrote, ‘To our friends, family, and rest of the world. In my 38 years on this earth, I’ve never experienced anything more powerful and beautiful than this. I can’t think of anything more exciting than this next chapter and we wanted you to hear this from us first.”

The belly shows it’s been some months since the couple found out about the pregnancy, but decided to keep it to themselves. Somerhalder continued, “This has been the most special time of our lives and we wanted to keep it between the three of us for as long as possible so we could enjoy this time with each other and our little one who is growing so fast…because that’s what they do, they grow so fast. Thank you for your kind energy. Love, Ian.”

The couple has been married for two years

Image Credit: Glass Jar Photography / Jars

Two years after the wedding a new family member is on the way

After dating for six months, Reed and Somerhalder got famously engaged and married in 2015. But even back then, they were already thinking about forming a family.

“It’s pretty crazy time and place to bring a child into this turbulent and insane world, but I can’t wait to do it and really just love it,” the actor said in an interview with ET sometime after getting married.

However, it took them two years to finally take the step and welcoming a new member to the family. What were they doing before that? Well, adopting a bunch of adorable pets.


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