Burger King Israel Is Giving Romance-Like Sex Toys On Their Happy Meal For Valentines Day

No, This Is Not Fake

Today is Valentines Day, as you get ready and plan the day with your special person there are many things you go through. Since you need to stage the mood, plan the place, create a perfect dinner and get an awesome gift.

All of this in your own personal way, that has to overcome the cliche of roses and chocolates. Despite the facts that more chocolate is always a good idea. But all of this seems and gets unnecessarily complex at one point. So how to make all of this easier?

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The unexpected solution.

So the good guys from Burger King thinking in all of us have found a solution to solve this complicated problem. Something really odd since who will expect Burger King becoming a love guru company?

But their solution might not be the one expected for everybody. As for many, this might not be the right way to do it or for others, it can just be what they need. Only at night or tomorrow we will know the answer

Adults meal.

So after watching the add. Who needs a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner in a fancy restaurant with candles, right? Especially when you have Burger King around. Even more when they offer you this kind of “especial promotions and toys.”

This limited time offer comes from Burger King Israel. As they have changed the iconic “Kids Meal,” for a mature “Adults’ Meals” version. That is only available from 6 p.m. this Valentine’s Day and obviously, you have you be 18 or older to ask for it.

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The complete kit.

The “Adult Meal” gives you the complete package to spend the Valentine’s Day with your loved one. As it includes two Whoppers, two packs of French fries, two beers and the most important thing of all an adult’s toy, aka your very own sex toy. For what we see the toy consists of a feather, a mask and what seems to be a head scratcher. The use of any of them is up to you.

This amazing redesigned concept that drove many of us as kids to the fast food chain is amazing. Maybe if this happens more often they will raise their sales. But besides being pretty clever it’s pretty funny as well. To the point that a spokesperson for the advertising agency Leo Burnett confirmed that “This is not a prank.” So if you’re in the mood and want some burgers with it Burger King is now your perfect option.

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