This Girl Actually Though The Fish Were Drowning Due To Anesthetics

Drugs Make You Do All Kind Of Crazy Sh**t

We’ve seen funny videos online. And throughout the years we have seen a lot of people doing all kinds of things while recovering from anesthetics. There was even a girl who thought the world was dominated by zombies. So just imagine what they would do if they’re high or drunk. drugs make you think and do all sorts of things.

As it seems drugs make people do all sorts of things. Especially say some of the most nonsense and hilarious things we have ever heard. And now that is the case of the most recent anesthetics viral video.

High as a kite.

In the video you see poor Leila getting out of the doctor. As she suddenly has an epiphany. She sees the fish tank and asks her mom for help to save the poor fish. As the girl actually, thinks the fish in a tank are drowning. Yes, you read correctly, she thinks they’re drowning.

Poor Leila.

The saddest thing about it’s not that Leila can barely spell her name. Is that she is seeing a problem, the fish drowning, and none wants to help her. She even asks her mom’s help but she does nothing.

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Leila is changing the world.

She is as she has noticed this very serious problem in the world. And she feels it in her bones, as she even cries about the sad situation. Gladly for her, people are noticing it. And, as every video on youtube, the comments are the best thing.

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