Ranking Of The Top 15 Ugliest Buildings In NYC, #12 Is Really Lame

They Are Kind Of Wierd And You Know It

We love New York for so many reasons. It’s basically a dream city. But as much as we love it, we cannot cover the fact that some architects haven’t done right through the well-known US metropolis.

Despite the Empire States, the famous pizzas, the Broadway life and the rest of the dumbfounding city’s attributions, some of its structures do not fit into this picture and they are definitely not part of the reasons why we love NY.

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Here’s a list of the ugliest 15 buildings in NYC.

1. Pan Am Building

Pan am
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2. Blue Tower

blue tower
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3. Astor Place

astor place
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4. One57

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5. The Cooper Union

cooper union
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6. One World Trade Center

one world trade center
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7. Downtown Brooklyn

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8. Trump Tower

trump tower
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9. The Westin New York Hotel

westin hotel
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10. New York by Gehry

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11. 3 Park Avenue

3 park avenue
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12. 432 Park Avenue

432 park avenue
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13. Port Authority Bus Terminal

bus terminal
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14. Madison Square Garden

madison square garden
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15. Verizon Building

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Source: Curbed NY


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