This Parents & Kids Decided To Smoke Weed Together for the First Time [VIDEO]

Just For Entertaining Purposes

Weed is a polemic topic. As it has many appreciations. For many, it has a negative vision. Seeing it like a drug and that should be banished from society. For others is a medicinal plant that helps people with pain, to relax and even to meditate.

But despite what vision you form part of weed has become, in a way, something that forms part of modernity’s dailiness. Since it has become more than a recreational drug and, in occasions, it’s even more frequent than alcohol.

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Kids and parents smoking weed together.

As any person who has tried weed at any point of their lives one of the main concerns are that their parents found out. No need to explain why. But the guys from Watch Cut videos have done a pretty cool video giving a twist to this situation.

How? Well, they invited some parents around to roll it up with their children. As it is hilarious to see how the parents and the kids are both nervous. Especially of how the other one will react.

Need to relax.

Obviously one of the best things about the video. Not only it is hilarious but also relatable. As no one really expects to smoke weed with their parents at any point of life. Except if your dad is Mick Jagger, Snoop Dog or Wiz Khalifa.

Also, we see the “parents models” we will have in the video. As there’s the adorable conservative dad, the lovely apple pie mom and the used to be a wild dad. Also, we see how excited their kids are for doing this, except the bold guy he is like pissed around the whole video.

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Weed 101.

As the children “un-roll” the mysteries of weed and how to smoke it too their parents, we get some funny moments. Since the parents start to get familiar with questions like “how to smoke it” or “how to use a bong.”

Also, we see them discover practically a new world in a dorky way. But it’s pretty cool to see how they’re really trying to adapt and learn this new skills. As they try not to judge their kids in the process.

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Things start getting weird.

Finally, the moment many have waited for. The parents and their kids smoked weed together. The parents confront some noob problems regarding weed, like the intense coughing. But also it’s pretty fun to watch how the parents start to react to being high.

Also, the excitement of their sons is so high, to the point one girl cries of it. As well we see the coolest couple, the girl and his mom, doing some really silly and funny stoned things. Including the giggles and for a reason the mom getting a giant rabbit head. They also take the time to ask each other some pretty odd and serious questions.

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No parents were harm in the making of this video.

After the awkward round of questions between the stoned parents and kids the most important of all is said: would they smoke again together? To what they answer yes.

Also they all shared a tender and bonding moment. Since they shared a new experience together. Having a good time, except the bald guy who remembered us that weed is not for everyone.

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