Oreo Cadbury Eggs Are Actually A Thing… In Canada

Please Release Them In The U.S

Chocolate is really a gift from the Gods. Like literally, that is what the Aztecs and Mayans thought and we believe them. Not only it is delicious but it also has tons of healthy properties. If you eat it moderately, something almost impossible. Then something miraculous happened and it was mixed with cookies. Creating chocolate and chocolate chips cookie.

Being that how we have carried with our lives for a long and delicious time now. But as sweet companies have evolved they’ve created new and tempting inventions. And this time is Canada who has taken the upper hand with an incredible mix. That can truly be said is another gift from the gods.

Oreo Cadbury eggs.

Canada has developed one of the greatest inventions of the century the Oreo-filled Cadbury. Even though the sweet treat has been around since last year it’s now when it has taken over social media. Improving already 2017 in a tempting way.

The first post.

The chocolate relic was Instagrammed by a user called  JunkBanter, on January 6th. And since then the post has received over 10.000 likes and 581 comments. As the chocolate, egg seems to be filled with the Oreo’s cream and chunks of the cookie. Only the description is a dream come true.

Oh, Canada.

The full-size version is available only in Canada, those greedy jerks. But at least in the U.K., there is a miniature and a large version of the Oreo eggs. Also, they’ve been around since last year. And finally, a version with vanilla mousse was launched in Australia a year after it was released in Canada. Sadly there is no version in the U.S. soil so they will have to conform with the original versions of the treat. Pretty unfair if you ask us, as this should be worldwide enjoyed.

These little guys are dreamy👌🏼✨ #dairymilk #oreoeggs

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 Still happy.

But at least the creation of this wonder makes this year better than 2016. Something people in social media have appreciated very much.


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