Barack And Michelle Obama Went On Vacation And We Got The Photos

Let’s Be Honest, They Totally Deserve This

Vacations are a fundamental need in life. They give us a break from routine, that most of the times, gets pretty exhausting. Also, giving us a break from a job, that is totally necessary for us not to explode.

Since vacations are so fundamental to everyone’s’ life even some of the most famous people take them. Even the former presidential couple of the United States. As we can see in recent pictures the Obamas are really enjoying theirs.

Image Credit: twitter
Image Credit: twitter

Well deserved vacations.

Anyone who has seen pictures of Barack Obama before and after taking charge 8 years ago will notice some physical changes. Like a more tired look and getting gray hair. All of this seems pretty logic. Since his job as president of the U.S. probably is one of the most stressful ones in the world. More than any of our more humble jobs.

But finally, we can see Barack and Michelle Obama relaxing a bit. After 8 intense years of directing one of the most powerful countries of the world. Wearing flip flops, Panama hats, shades, a backward cap, bike rides and above all a big smile.

Island relaxing.

The Obamas have been relaxing and hanging around with Sir Richard Branson. After Trump took over the U.S. presidency, the Obamas have done what many of us would dream to do. Escape to the beach and a tropical paradise. As they’ve been in Palm Springs. California and now the Virgin Islands.

So once again the Obamas are proving that they’re truly living the dream. Also, we are really glad to see them relaxed for a change. It’s also kind of fun to see that the former president of the United States really looks like the average American dad. They might never come back to the U.S. as they seem to be enjoying their time on vacations, and who would blame them. The only request we have left for Obama is if they can take any of us with them to their dream vacations.



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