Katey Sagal Reveals Some Shocking News About Gene Simmons

I Bet This Will Be A Best- Selling Book Just For This

Recently the Married With Children star published her memoirs in which she reveals an affair with Gene Simmons which lasted several years.In her book, Grace Notes: My Recollections, Katey Sagal also talks about her addictions and her life. The actress opens up about her battle with weight loss, her childhood and her failed music aspirations.


Grace Notes.

Earlier this month, Katey Sagal published her official memoirs. Grace Notes: My Recollections in which she comprised the roller coaster life of the award-winning actress which include a lengthy addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex and failed musical aspirations.

The actress met success with the show Married With Children, which lasted eleven seasons until 1997. In the show, she played the role of Peg the sexy wife of Al Bundy, played by Ed O’Neil.

In the book, she says that they all shared something with their characters, for her it was the fact that both Peg and herself were chain smokers. She said, “All four of us had some Bundy in us.”

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The Simmons affair

Probably the most shocking revelation is the fact that she had an affair with KISS frontman, Gene Simmons. They first met in the 70s when she worked as a singing waitress at a Santa Monica Bar. She wrote,  “At first, I thought Gene was really weird. I took him home with me that night because he was quite persuasive, and I like men.”

The couple was on and off for several years until Katey told Simmons she was marrying bassist Freddie Beckmeier unless he proposed her instead. Simmons laughed at the suggestion and that was it.

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Roller coaster life.

Katey opened up about her 15-year-old battle with drugs. The actress also reflected on her childhood in LA, where her addiction began, she wrote, “When I was 12, we lived on the same block as Judy Garland. Her daughter Lorna Luft and I became neighborhood buddies. Lorna’s mom had a lot of pills on her bedside table and slept past noon just like my mom. We hung tight. And, of course, I thought everyone’s mom took a lot of pills.”

Sagal grew up without parents as she lost her mother at a young age and then her father died on the set of the movie World War III, partially decapitated by a helicopter.

The actress was also addicted to alcohol, remembering how she used to be drunk all the time. And to those addictions joined also the pills addictions as she used to consider she was too fat and was prescribed diet pills.

But in that roller coaster life, music was always her safe haven even when she failed her music aspirations, music freed her and connected her to her heart. Something she didn’t feel with acting.

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Finally belonging.

Being music her true love, Katey never felt like really belonging to the acting world. Until her third husband television writer, producer, and director Kurt Sutter came up with a role made up with the dream role for her in Sons of Anarchy.

She wrote, “Gemma was so different from me and yet maternal like me. Her instincts were like mine, but her actions were so different from anything I would ever do.” Then she added, “‘Finally, this was the role that made me feel like I was an actor.”

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Source: Daily Mail.


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