John Oliver Talks About Donald Trump Sarcasm And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Nothing better than news and comedy merged in one video and Last Week Tonight just gave us that.

John Oliver talked about Donal Trump as a candidate, referencing some of his latest speeches in which he screws up a little bit, but actually a lot.

The presidential candidate refers to Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton as the founder and co-founder of ISIS (WTF?), he then changes his mind and says he’s being sarcastic, “but not that sarcastic”. So, what exactly are you trying to say, Donald?

He also alleges that his opponents are capable of cheating, leading his supporters to question de elections results, and very kindly let his crowd volunteer as “Trumps Election Day Observer” (we truly appreciate it, of course).

Oliver – obviously – felt the need to mention these outrageous and controversial statements, besides other awful things, but he sure did it in a very funny way so you don’t loose that much faith in humanity while you are given the reasons to.

Watch the full video bellow:



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