Find Out How Well Jimmy Fallon Really Knows New York City [VIDEO]

He’s Just The Best

Jimmy Fallon is a New York city lover and E! News tested his knowledge during his latest visit to Florida.  The Tonight Show host is in Florida for the opening of the show’s very own theme park called Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The Tonight Show is having a special week during its filming in Florida, and the cherry on top will be Jay Leno as the main guest on Thursday.

How good is your NYC knowledge?

Sibley Scoles flew all the way to Orlando on Monday just to put Jimmy to test. Since Jimmy’s favorite city in the world is New York, the E! News reporter came up with questions to find out how much does Jimmy really knew about it. There were Yankees questions, boroughs questions and of course Statue of the Liberty related questions, and Jimmy well, he did the best he could.


Taking it to Orlando

The Tonight Show took Orlando this week and it’s delivering some pretty special episodes including Vin Diesel, Shaquille O’Neal, and Pitbull.

The show is currently filming in Orlando as part of a new opening at Universal Studios, the Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon is opening on Thursday. On Thursday night Jay Leno will be the guest on The Tonight Show to celebrate the occasion.

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Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In October 2015, during a show Jimmy announced the cool news of The Tonight Show getting its own theme park at Universal Studios Florida. After seven seasons the long-running franchise would get a theme park set to open in 2017.

In the attraction, Jimmy takes his hosting duties to the next lever and takes us on a crazy ride around New York. It’s a high-tech ride that takes passengers, comfortably situated in seats, on a crazy race against Jimmy. The ride obviously includes piped-in pizza smells to make it legit.

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What to expect from the race

The experience starts with a tour that will make people think they’re actually at the show. The attraction is housed inside a replica of 30 Rockefeller, where the actual show is taped. On the first floor, there’s a museum of the past Tonight Show hosts, Jay Lenon, Conan O’Brien and Johnny Carson. There you get to see their desks with the real things they had on it.

Just before you get to the race, there’s a hangout are where you can find all sort of things, including #thepanda dancing around.

Then you go for a crazy ride which is like watching a movie only with movable floor and hydraulic seats to make you feel the adrenaline. There’s a safety rap with The Roots and Jimmy to introduce you to the ride. Along with Jimmy then you go to explore the greatest city of all New York.

Via Daily Mail

Source: E! News


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