This Comics Represent Incredibly Well What’d Happen If Your Boss Was A Cat

All Cat Lovers Will Know This Is True

Cats are probably one if not the weirdest beings alive. They’re really the kings of unpredictability. Also, they seem to enjoy some of the oddest things. Like throwing things to the ground for no reason, sit on keyboards and get in boxes.

For this strangeness, they’ve become as well one of the masters of the internet. But due to the kitties particularity cartoonist, Tom Fonder has imagined how hard will it be to work in an office if a cat was the boss. Since it’s extremely difficult to do any kind of organized work with kittens around.

Image Credit: Tom Fonder

10.Office props.

Cats have a certain love for throwing things to the ground. They really have an appetite for destruction.

Image Credit: Tom Fonder

9.Not a single f*uck is given.

Also, kitties are known because they really don’t care what anyone is doing. They will go passing by anything in their way.

Image Credit: Tom Fonder

8.Keyboard Kat.

Besides throwing things to the ground and walk over anything and anyone. Cats for a reason love keyboards, as they will lay down on them. Or maybe they just hate work more than us and they’re trying to help us out.

Image Credit: Tom Fonder

7.Weird games.

Cats are easily entertained, but not at all at the same time. Despite that living contradiction they’re, kittens get easily amuse for anything that moves. So actually anyone who has a cat can imagine that this could totally happen in a cat-office environment.

Image Credit: Tom Fonder

6.Trapped in a shelve.

As well kittens love to pretend, for a reason, that they’re part of our wardrobe sometimes and they get stuck in the shelves.

Image Credit: Tom Fonder


In most of the things a cat does nonsense and the absurd are what are present in almost every one of it. Making us say WTF most of the time.

Image Credit: Tom Fonder

4.White collar.

If there is one thing a cat hates it’s a collar. But it seems that they’re required in the business world.

Image Credit: Tom Fonder

3.Love with claws.

Between all the weird thing they comprehend, cats have a very “particular” way of showing their love and affection.

Image Credit: Tom Fonder


It seems that racism is really something only humans do. Being equally wrong even for kittens.

Image Credit: Tom Fonder

1.No cute pictures for you.

Every cat fan or owner will know that taking a good picture of a cat is almost something impossible. As they move so much, especially at the key moment.

Image Credit: Tom Fonder




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