The ‘Friends’ Opening Sequence Was Recreated With Funko Toys And It’s Epic

Friends Fans, Beware This Is Epic

Tv shows have something really special, in a way or another they portrait everyday life. And we can’t help but feel in love or related with the characters or situations. They appeal to us in a very intimate way. At the end of the day they’re stories, and we as humans love stories.

There are few series in world’s history that are so iconic and memorable like Friends. The way they made fun of everyday life was incredible. The catchphrases and moments have trespassed the barrier of time. Things like “we were on a break”, adopting a pet duck or monkey, dinosaur loving, etc. Never were more adorable or cooler.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. casting Funko

In this occasion, the recognizable opening, of the cast dancing and joking around a fountain, while the famous song of “I’ll Be There For You” from The Rembrandts works as a background has been remade. But this time instead of the beloved cast is a stop motion video performed entirely by Funko’s versions of the characters.

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Old but gold.

The version of one of the television’s most recognizable opening sequences ever. It’s not only adorable but also almost as good as the original. The show has continued to pass through generations, winning younger ones and new fans due to his featuring in Netflix. The “Friends” opening is such a great part of pop culture that can be understood and known by everyone.


Copy smelly cat.

This tribute recreation of the classic TV opening theme was made by a social media team of Warner Bros. The same company that produced the TV show. The attention to details, camera takes and actions is impressive. It’s totally faithful to the original. The only difference is the Funko toys and we must admit that they made Joey even more adorable.

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Be the judge.

Here we leave you with the original opening so you can compare it with the remake. And tell us which one was better? Is the Funko toys version as loyal to the original as we think?


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