Graham Norton Shows Daniel Radcliffe More Of His Dead Lookalikes From History

What Radcliffe Didn’t Expect To Find Was His Females Dopplegangers.

On Friday, we confirmed that Daniel Radcliffe is the ultimate time-traveler on The Graham Norton Show. The host showed pictures of people throughout history sharing an incredible resemblance to the actor.  And surprise they’re all women. Daniel enjoyed watching the uncanny photos of his past lives as he looked both amazed and confused at the same time.


Radcliffe the time-traveler.

During his latest visit to The Graham Show, the Harry Potter star had a precious moment reconnecting with his past lives when the host showed pictures of ladies throughout history with an incredible resemblance to him.

Female doppelgängers.

We know Graham very well and he just can’t let things go unnoticed, this is why during Daniel Radcliffe’s latest visit he brought up a series of photos of lookalike people to Daniel Radcliffe.

In his usual funny way, Graham shared the pictures with his guests and they couldn’t help but notice that they were all women. There’s the grandmother painting, the teenage girl from the 40’s and the pre-teen form 1922.

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

Past lives and current life.

Daniel seemed bemused as he found out the number of doppelgängers he has had. The actor showed a slight concern about their feelings and said, “These are all my past lives. I was a slightly depressed lady in a lot of them.”

Daniel and co-star Joshua McGuire, were on the show as part of the promotion of the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. The actor recently revealed that he would return to the Harry Potter franchise if Jack Thorne’s plays get a big screen adaptation. He also has two movies in the pipeline, Jungle, and Beast Of Burden.

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

The Potterest Day ever.

Also in the show were Golden Globe winner Tom Hiddleston, actress Ruth Wilson, comedian Ricky Gervais, and rapper Tinie Tempah. The rapper had on Friday what he called the best day of his life.

Tinie said,  “You won’t believe this but early this morning I saw Ralph Fiennes in a restaurant, so technically I have seen both Harry Potter and Voldemort on the same day. It’s the best day ever!”

Image Credit: Youtube

Source: Metro UK


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