Don’t Call Matthew McConaughey ‘Matt’ Or You Might Get In Trouble

The Why Is Seriously Weird

As you grow up many things change. But there are some crucial times in your life that change you. In a really messed up way. As they’re shocks or traumas that shape certain conceptions of us. Our appreciation about spiders, a certain food, places and so on.

Since we grow up with this, really deep down of our brains or heart. They’re certain things that we can’t shake that easily, and even though they might sound silly for others for us they make total sense.

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Matt McConaughey.

In an interview at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Matthew McConaughey was promoting one of his latest movies “Gold.” When Jimmy ask Matthew if he has ever been called “Matt.” As this is something pretty common.

To what McConaughey answer that he doesn’t really dig too much the abbreviation of his name. Due to a childhood trauma.

The story that hunts McConaughey.

As the set up of the story starts when Matthew McConaughey was just a little boy in kindergarten. Where his mom was also her teacher. When a friend invited him to play on the monkey bars. As he explains:

“I was in kindergarten and my buddy Josh Griffin says, “Hey Matt, you want to go play on the monkey bars?” And I ran out and said, “Yeah!” And halfway to the monkey bars, I feel this hand on my shoulder and BAM. Slammed me to the ground. I look up, and it’s my mother in my face, and she’s like, “What are you doing?”, My response was “I’m going to play the monkey bars with Josh.” She says, “Who is?” So then I said, “I am.” She said, “What’s your name?” I said, “Matthew.” She says, “Don’t you ever answer to Matt again. I named you Matthew from the Bible.” I was like, “Yes, ma’am!”

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Matthew’s mom doesn’t fool around.

As we all have found a new respect, and a bit of fear, to Miss McConaughey. We can perfectly understand why he doesn’t like too much to be called Matt. As he stated that he doesn’t really care about it, but his mom is a different story.

As he says that even nowaday he looks twice. Like he said: “So, if anyone calls me Matt today… well, Mom could be there on any corner.” Something that we surely will start considerating when we talk about Mattew.

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If you want to check out Gold Trailer, click below.




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