James Corden Did A Musical About Donald Trump W/ Abigail Spencer

It’s Much Better Than What You Expect

James Corden really outdid himself! On Monday The Late Late Show host presented the ambitions of President Trump and his administration in a parody of Matilda’s When I Grow Up.

The cast? Nothing less than the very best of Broadway, Tim Minchin, Ben Platt, Abigail Spencer, and James. He is so gifted with music.


 When I Grow Up 2.0

James Corden aimed at President Trump and his squad in the latest sketch. Corden and his guests made a few twists to Matilda’s When I Grow Up as they played the part of the Trump’s administration sharing their dreams. The video already has over 37k views, and it’s hilarious. Enjoy this Donald Trump musical!

Donald: The Musical

James Corden might be popular for his Carpool Karaoke, but when he aims to deliver some political commentary he doesn’t miss. As usual, the host did it through what he does best, music.

The Late Late Show’s host decided not to wait for a real Donald Trump musical to hit Broadway and assembled an all-star cast. Corden gathered Timeless’ Abigail Spencer, Matilda’s composer Tim Minchin, and Dear Even Hansen’s Ben Platt to play the younger versions of Trump, Kellyann Conway, and Sean Spicer.

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Hopes and dreams

The squad sang a parody of Matilda’s When I Grow Up. At a joyful beat, the leader of the free world, his spokesperson, chief strategist and presidential counselor opened up their hearts.

That’s how this funny musical began, sitting and swinging on giant swings and wearing a pair of short Trump’s squad shared their dreams and hopes, and boy, they were scary.

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Oh, joyful lyrics

Minchin’s Trump sang his desire for a future where he could, “eliminate Obamacare, replace it with, well, I don’t care”. It was then Corden’s Bannon opportunity to share his dream and he said, “put my Breitbart fist/inside my puppet’s inside bits.”

Spencer’s Conway shared her aim to mislead Americans on camera, emphasizing that, “If the facts don’t suit my narrative/I’ll just believe alternatives.” And, finally, Platt’s Spicer said, “I’ll be press secretary of this land/And lie about sizes of crowds and hands.”

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Happy ending

The almost apocalyptical joyful song did have a happy ending, though. The singers urged people unsatisfied with Trump’s administration to act, by voting against him and his policies.

Then, as a demonstration of their rejecting against the Trump’s regime, they proceeded to tore off their name tag sticker, and stroke a pose like no other.

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