College Students And Old People Are The Same Thing And Can Prove It

Ian Higginbotham Proves So

Image Credit: Ian Higginbotham

When you’re at college it seems you’re at the peak of your life. As a senior, you’re probably at the end and already had you better days, still, you’re doing fine. But it looks that being at college and being a mayor citizen are kind of the same thing.

This according to an L.A. based illustrator called Ian Higginbotham. Since he points out that being a young student and an older citizen have many similarities. To prove Ian’s point we are going to leave you 5 of his drawings, that back up his theory.

Image Credit: Ian Higginbotham

5.The golden 20’s

The 20’s is a golden age, for both young and old. As a college student, you wish you had 21 or more so you can get booze and go clubbing. When you’re older you wish you were on your 20’s so you can be young again and do all the things you didn’t have the chance to do.

Image Credit: Ian Higginbotham


Both get great and special discounts as you’re a special kind of citizen. Making you able to enjoy more cool stuff like the movies, museums and more by paying less. Some of the amazing sweet traits of they’ve.

Image Credit: Ian Higginbotham


College students start to learn about new political philosophies, historical mistakes and want to create a better future for them and coming generations. As older citizens formed part of the building of today’s system. Also, both don’t think it twice when something seems wrong, by pointing it out and standing their ground.

Image Credit: Ian Higginbotham


It might seem odd, but yes drugs are equally fundamental for both lifestyles. Since for the students, it’s a way of recreation that they don’t mind paying, and for some they’re fundamental. But to older citizens, they do need their drugs to be alive, maybe as much as any junkie would tell you.

Image Credit: Ian Higginbotham

1.Eternal goodbyes

Even though both have many cool advantages they do count with some bad stuff too. Being probably the saddest and most horrible one the goodbyes. due to the fact that as times goes by you start saying “farewells” to most of your friends forever.

Image Credit: Ian Higginbotham




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