7 Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Need To Be Following

This People Will Make You Feel Amazing

As this year comes to an end, an exciting new one approaches full of possibilities.

So many possibilities to explore, a fresh new start ahead of us. One of those possibilities to explore is choosing to go for a healthy life. And I’m not talking about fitness and all those trending things (though if you’re down for it, go for it, I root for you pal!). I’m talking about choosing to share a healthy love relationship with yourself, to become a better version of yourself.

Let’s face it, in this social media era, you probably get a lot of information through IG accounts. When trying to be a better version of yourself an important thing is deciding the right kind of energy over the wrong one. So why not evaluating those accounts you follow, and go for the ones who truly inspire you? There’s no need to follow people whose life happens in a gym or that make you feel body shame. Go for people who inspire you and make you feel great in your own skin, like these awesome ladies.


7. Ellia Green.

Ellia Tiriseyani Green is an Australian gold medallist that will share with you the secrets to make your legs even more beautiful. This fierce lady who dominated the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro is an inspiration when it comes to girl power!

Don't feel so natural in a dress and heels but give me a ball and I'll be right 😉🏈💃🏾 #JEMgetups #serioussally

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6. Nadiaa Boulhosn.

The plus size model has featured in the pages of Italian Vogue. She shares beautiful pictures of herself wearing the most beautiful clothes, that come as an alternative to the usual silly selfies.

Attitude gal. @goodamerican 👖

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5. Amrita Hepi.

This beautiful multi-heritage Australian lady is a creative dancer, choreographer, and activist. She shares beautiful pictures of herself, as well as cool video choreographies. Let’s get to the dancefloor!

Off to get sum milk Aye 📸 @_brookmitchell for @sydneymorningherald #bingefestsydney

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4. Kellie B

With awesome outfits and the most beautiful places as backgrounds, this girl fills Instagram with a killer personality and great confidence.

Plus: awesome traveling pictures.

Christmas is booked, the entire world makes sense again. For now… ✈️☀️🌴

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3. Stefania Ferrario.

This Australian model is someone to look up to, she advocated for dropping the plus when talking about plus size models. Beautiful phrases and pictures filled her Instagram account.

By @robertxc, wearing @wheelsanddollbaby 👄💝

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2. Sarah Jane Adams.

This cool lady will fill your Instagram with pure energy and creativity. Funny and daring, the Sydney-based jewelry designer is one of the coolest ladies on Instagram. Don’t miss her beautiful pictures traveling the world and spreading the joy of living, and most important living well.

1. Jessica Cochrane.

This Canberra-based artist makes pictures that are odes to feminity. She changes into unexpected things images that at first seem to represent the conventional standards of beauty. A creative gem!

Such cool ladies!


Plus: Positive body image.

This account shares beautiful thoughts that will give you the positivity and love you need.

💞 #loveyourself #selflove #revolution

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