27 Proofs That Sexism In Media And Entertainment Is Still Alive

In Perspective, This Makes Men Look So Bad And They Deserve It

Although we’ve come a long way in terms of sexism, there is still a worldwide fight over the demeaning and contempt of women. Not only we are underestimated and underpaid in our jobs, but sexism in media is also part of this unfair and exaggerated treatment of stereotypes.

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It is true that feminism has achieved a lot but we are definitely not working under the idea of men and women’s equality. It’s disturbing the fact that most men are true to the concept of sexism being over.

Well, we give you 27 proofs that sexism is still present in media and entertainment. Try not to get too angry.

1. I feel like a child being mocked.

2. Did you know?

women media
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3. This Nine West add. (Husband Hunting Shoes, 4real?)

nine west 2
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4. Nine West again..

nine west
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5. The Steubenville case approach.

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6. Let’s not forget this performance for which Miley was roughly criticized, unlike Robin who’s act was as sexual as hers.

robin thicke miley cyrus
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7. Or the Ashely Judd fact that came out as a “rape survival” and the political attack was so low that she was ticked as “obsessed with rape”.

ashley judd
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8. The lack of media coverage for women in politics.

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9. George Zimmerman’s case definitely didn’t get the deserved coverage even though he estrangled his wife and new girlfriend.

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10. Marissa Alexander was condemned to 20 years of jail time for shooting the ceiling while trying to get rid of her aggressive husband. But I guess this was not that important for the media to cover the case.

marissa alexander
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11. Thank you, Seth.

12. Maybe we can talk about the fact that a pimp called Mark Strong got to serve 3 months of jail time while a sex worker, Alex Wright, was condemned to 10 months and the media decided to withdraw their attention completely to the man’s family and forget about the fact that Wright was a wife and a mother as well.

prostitution case
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13. Let’s just cover the fact that we gave a bomber a rock star status with some pictures about women sexuality.. f*ck logic. – Rolling Stone Magazine

britney spears
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14. What about The Onion calling a 9-year-old a c*nt?

“Everyone else seems afraid to say it, but that Quvenzhané Wallis is kind of a c**t, right? #Oscars2013.”

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15. I love Ellen so badly.

16. Speechless.

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17. What’s up with the world?

sexism 2
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18. Oh, ok.

sexism 3
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19. This is so incredibly disrespectful.

sexism 4
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20. This is a South Padre Island Spring Break message…

sexism 5
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21. WTF?

sexism 6
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22. Shoutout to #thevagenda

23. We are loving this magazine.

24. This is definitely how it should be.

25. And also like this.

26. And this.

27. And… this.


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