Here Are Our Best Picks Of This Year’s Musical Videos!

Fifteen Videos That Left Us Wanting More.

2016 has been such a great year, at least for musical videos.

Music videos, back in the 80’s, changed the music game completely. Videos allow artists to complement their music with stories and give their fans a whole new experience. Since the music videos first appeared, production and stories have increasingly become doper and doper. And this year’s productions were awesome.

This year we got productions that were as varied and as good as the artists performing. Cool stories, crazy stories, unbelievable stories, you name it and this year’s videos have it.


15. “Why You Always Hatin?” — YG feat. Drake, Kamaiyah.

This video is pure opulence. With over 47 million views since its releasement on August. The video follows Drake, YG, and Kamaiyah living the best lives ever. It may not seem like the greatest story but the thing is that watching them you get the feeling and easily imagine yourself there. Choppers, Lamborghinis, and thrones if that’s not opulence, then I don’t know what is.

14. “You’re The One” — Kaytranada feta. SYD.

With this one, you’ll feel in the ’90s. This cool video is a tribute to Coming to America and is really well done. The music is really great and is simply awesome. To be honest, it doesn’t have as many views as it should with only a million views so far.

13. “Nobody Speak”  — DJ Shadow feat Run The Jewels.

The real lip sync champions are all in this one. The great song found an even greatest video. Politicians arguing and trying to show who’s the best in a congressional meeting that turns into a real battlefield. Honest and raw, that’s it.


12. “Boy Problems” — Carly Rae Jepsen.

This video is an honest image of today’s youth, specifically teen girls. Showing a girl taking selfies in an open casket, while her friends mourn her, which goes completely unnoticed by her. Is a satirical image we all get.

11. “Superlove” — Tinashe.

This summer video has it all, beach bodies, Baywatch clear references, romantic intentions, and most importantly crazy choreographies. The video reached over 13 million views and it’s no surprise, good song, and a great video.

10. “Sleep In The Heat” — Pup.

The story of a wild kid and his dog serves as an homage to the bands’ actual pets. Following a kid and his punk band that go on tour and then he’s dog gets sick. Prepare to share one or two tears with this touching video.


9. “Work” — Rihanna feat Drake.

With over 803 million views, this video marks Rihanna’s return to her roots. As much dance and lust as you can possibly imagine, the video actually shows Rihanna freely dancing in front of a mirror, the crowd and with her as herself. Then it shows Riri and Drake in a room both dancing to the beat.

8. “Genghis Khan”  — Miike Snow.

Miike Snow always delivers great videos, and this is no exception. The villain’s story accompanied by some dance moves is just great. With a crazy plot twist and a romantic payoff this video totally deserves to be on this list.

7. “Don’t Touch My Hair” — Solange.

This video is an ode to black joy and culture. Simply perfect. This incredible Solange song gets an even more incredible video that was totally needed during this year. Even when the song describes a difficult situation black women live, the video portrays it in the most beautiful way. Thanks, Solange!

6. “False Alarm” — The Weeknd.

With over 54 million views, The Weeknd delivers another great visual. The story follows a group of criminals who just robbed a bank, and get in a crazy persecution. As if it could miss it, the plot twist at the end is simply mindblowing.

5. “JoHn Muir” — ScHoolboy Q.

This raw video follows the day of a teen group in the streets of L.A. Exposing the violence and some peaceful moments teens share. it shows the undeniable reality of some. At last, it exposes how our possessions outlive us.


4. “Kill V. Maim” — Grimes.

Delivering another great visual with careful details, Grimes gives us one of the best videos of the year. A pack of cyberpunk vampires take over the town and finish by having a blood rave in the underground. Crazy and awesome at the same time.

3. “Fade”  — Kanye West.

With over 51 million views this Flashdance totally slays! Sick choreography, great music, the musical genius never loses his touch. Just when you thinks is simply another Flashdance, the things get pretty intimate and then get weird. Since Kanye’s videos never stop surprising us the final part is a huge WTF moment that stays with you for a while.


2. “Lazarus”  — David Bowie.

No one expected less from the genius. The fact that’s such an incredible way to say goodbye to his fans, and the beautiful composition the video turned out to be, make Bowie deserving of a standing ovation.

 1. “Formation”— Beyoncé.

Queen Bey’s incredible ode to black life, black love, and black culture is simply mesmerizing. Taking place in pretty shook up New Orleans and celebrating black life, Bey sends a powerful and beautiful message much needed at the moment. As everything from her, perfection.







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