10 Golden Rules For Students, Teachers, And Life

John Cage And Corita Kent Believe That Education Never Stops

The key to a happy life is knowing how to live it. It is true that living by the rules can be boring, upsetting and annoying but that depends on the rules that you set for yourself. The important thing is to know what to follow and how to accomplish what you set yourself up to.

Here are 10 rules for students, teachers, and life itself that you can follow to start walking the path of success and happiness.

1. Find a place you trust and keep on trusting it for a while.

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2. For students: Learn as much as you can from your teachers and classmates.

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3. For teachers: Bring out every sight of potential in your student.

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4. Think of everything as an experiment.

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5. Be self-disciplined.

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6. You can’t lose or win, so just do it.

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7. They only way to get something is to work for it.

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8. Don’t try to create and analyze at the same time. They are different processes.

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9. Be happy, enjoy yourself.

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10. Don’t leave space for uncertainty.

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