YouTube SEO – 10 Tips for YouTube Optimization

YouTube SEO - 10 Tips for YouTube Optimization

YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms on the internet. The young target group in particular spends a lot of time on this channel. But YouTube is more than just moving images: YouTube functions as its own search engine. Many users search directly on YouTube and not on Google. Therefore, the platform offers an important presence opportunity for companies. In addition to search engine optimization on Google, YouTube SEO is also an important marketing measure.


Similar to Google, keywords on YouTube are also relevant for a good ranking in the search results. Therefore, for each video, you should check which keywords you want to rank for.

You can find relevant search terms directly on YouTube using the suggest option, for example. Here you can enter your main keyword and YouTube will display suitable search queries. Alternatively, you can also use existing keywords from your Google keyword research. These are usually very similar to the search terms on YouTube. You then put the keywords in the title and description of your video. The relevant keywords must also not be missing in the file name and tags.


In the title, you bring the content of your video to the point. In a maximum of 100 characters, you arouse the interest of the user. Here you should put the main keyword at the beginning.


In the description, you can draw more attention to the content of the video. The description is not intended to replace the video, but to arouse curiosity. Only the first 100 to 120 characters of the description will appear in search results. Here you should include the most important keywords and concisely summarize the content of the video. The rest of the descriptive text appears by clicking on the “show more” button. In total, the description can be 5,000 characters long. In the lower part, you can also include suitable long-tail keywords. You can also link to other suitable videos from your channel or thematically appropriate landing pages. With a perfect description, you are calling for more subscribers and fans. You can also buy high-quality and cheap YouTube subscribers from a top source.


You can put your most important keywords in the tags. The tags provide YouTube with information about the content of your video. Use the main keyword and 3-4 similar variations of the same keyword. The tags should not address different topics or search intentions, as YouTube will then not be able to identify your video exactly.


Of course, the visual design of the thumbnail also has a positive influence on your ranking. Because the more users click on your video, the more relevant YouTube rates it. When designing the thumbnails, make sure that the image section is meaningful. The thumbnail should arouse the curiosity of the user and match the content of the video.

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