How to Engage and Coach Your Team Virtually

How to Engage and Coach Your Team Virtually

Has your company recently switched to remote working? Or, maybe you are wondering how to improve your long-standing remote working set up? Either way, we know it can be hard to replicate the coaching ability and engagement of an office in modern remote working setups. You may find yourself struggling to be the leader you once were or facing challenges keeping on top of staff training remotely.

These problems are very common at the moment but fear not, we are about to give you all the tips you need to help you engage and coach your teams virtually. We have compiled this information from a range of sources and experts to ensure we are passing on the top possible advice. Read on to find out more.

Technology Is Improving

You may well be using big-name brands for your remote meetings, sharing of data, and analysis of workflow. Or, you may be simply using your in-house software and trying to make it work remotely. While both of these solutions probably work to some degree, they may not be offering the same level of features like new and improved solutions. We spoke to many professionals who have been remote working for a long time, and these experts told us that the newer products they were using gave much more in-depth features such as side rooms in meetings, whiteboards, instant file sharing, and limitless conference calling. These extra features allow you to behave more like you would when training in a real office situation and allow for far more engagement with staff as they participate in the use of these features.

Create Some Rules

There are some simple problems that are often overlooked when planning online meetings, training, or events. You have to remember that some colleagues find it hard to speak out in meetings or may struggle to settle into a digital environment. Before you begin any sessions like these, consider setting some ground rules with your colleagues. You need to think about ways of making sure everyone has the chance to speak and feels included and able to contribute.

Also, think about protocols for how you will proceed if someone has a technical glitch or gets cut from the call. In a real room, it is easy to see who is engaged, read people’s body language, and ensure everyone is connected. This is much harder in a virtual ‘room’. But, with some of these rules in place, you can certainly stay on top of these issues.

Creativity Can Help Engagement

As we have mentioned, keeping people engaged in standard remote meetings can prove very difficult. Many people are easily distracted at home by phones, family, or a myriad of other things, whereas in a meeting, there is little to distract people. So what can you do to keep people engaged when coaching or training for longer periods of time? Well, we mentioned the software before, and this is where using modern software with its extra features creatively comes back into play.

Use meeting side rooms to encourage small group discussions or to mix people with others they would rarely mix with. Use online chat features to send useful information and share your screen to show people key information. You should not feel trapped by the online tech, but instead, feel ready to use it to interest and amaze your team. Be extra creative with meetings, and your team will remember them better and learn more.

Preparation Can Help

With all this change in technology, working style, and training platform, people will need time to adjust. Different team members will learn to use these and adapt their style a little slower than others, and it’s important to remember this difference. Do not expect your team to all jump into remote working and be 100% effective from day one. Instead, encourage some learning time where people, at their own pace, can navigate their new systems and engage with each other for advice and conversation.

The same goes for virtual meetings or training. Give people the subject matter of such meetings before you begin to allow them time to prepare, relax, and understand what they are heading into. Without this time to reflect and prepare, you may see a much lower level of engagement from key members of your team. It is far more important when remote working to empower your team with the necessary preparation for meetings and training.

With these four tips from the experts, you can be sure that your virtual coaching of your team can be next-level and extra engaging. Do not hesitate to add these solutions to your workflow and integrate them ASAP. Your team’s output and learning capabilities will improve before your eyes, plus using these new tools and tips can actually make your work more collaborative and fun!

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