Ultimate BEGINNER TIPS To Improve In Rainbow Six Siege

Ultimate BEGINNER TIPS To Improve In Rainbow Six Siege

If you’re struggling right now on Siege or you’re scared to start, this article is for you. We’ll be sharing some actionable tips that can help you start the game and play it well. Siege has its complex mechanics that even pro players try to beat. Without understanding these mechanics and how to combine them, you may struggle a lot.

If you aim to play this game for fun and not the wins, you can get proven Rainbow six siege cheat to simplify everything. But the best is to combine the cheat with your zeal and the tips we have below for you.

So, if you’re ready as we are, grab the tips; let’s get some enemies.

Tips to Improve in Rainbow Six Siege

  1. Understand what the game needs

Rainbow Six Siege is a game you play with others as a team. Since you’re not playing Solo, the first important tip is discovering how you’ll work together to achieve the objective. One of the first things you need as a team is a cooperation and coordination. That’s the only way you can utilize the abilities of every team member optimally.

  1. Establish your Playstyle.

As a beginner Rainbow siege player, you may have wondered why you die a lot. That’s because you need to establish a style that’ll suit you in the game. First of all, find out the reasons behind your deaths and see if you can do things differently.

Learning from the mistakes will show you what to avoid and the best styles to tackle your game. As time goes on, you’ll certainly develop a unique winning style.

  1. Intel is good in Siege.

Being a good team player means that you support the team, protect them and equip them with every information available. As a newbie to Rainbow Six Siege, one of the best ways to help your team is to gather Intel whenever necessary.

We’re happy that drones are available in the game. You can use the device to track and locate the enemies for your team to attack or defend. It’s terrible to go into an attack without guidance. But after droning, you can get more victories.

  1. Don’t be a rogue operative.

This game is a team adventure and shouldn’t be played otherwise. You shouldn’t fight alone when there are others to support you. So, always communicate with your team members for every little detail.

Remember, the Intel you’ll gather in the game is for the team. So, you must communicate it to them always. That way, you’ll all play in a well-coordinated way to keep everybody alive.

  1. Weaken the enemy

The simplest way to weaken your enemies on Rainbow Six Siege is to blind them. All you should do is to take out the default cams wherever you find them. These cameras are spread everywhere on the maps. While you can’t study the whole map, you can pay attention and disable or shoot any default cam you find in the game.

That way, you’ll protect your team and also weaken the defenders.

  1. Learn the Maps

Playing Rainbow Six Siege without learning the map is not the right move. Every Map on the game indeed has unique complexities. Well, that shouldn’t deter you since the knowledge can be a game-changer for your team.

So, as you play this game, try to roam around and not fixed to a particular place. Roaming will surely expose you to deaths in the game. However, after doing it for some time and learning the map as you do, this game will become easier.

  1. Don’t forget the gadgets.

Many new players often forget their gadgets. Others sometimes don’t place them on defense. Operators in Siege come with unique gadgets that can help your team win the fights. It is bad not to set the gadgets up and worst not to use them.

Some of the gadgets you must place for defense are Shock Wire, Magpies, Rook Armor, and Signal Jammers. If you don’t use these gadgets when playing defense, the attacking team will have a field day.

So no matter what happens, always use your Magpies or Signal Jammers, at least when defending a territory.

  1. Silence is golden

If you want to win more and die less, try to listen more than you talk. Also, avoid unnecessary noise so you can concentrate on your enemies instead. It’s best to protect your location but learn where your opponents are through the noise they make.

But no matter what you do, don’t jump with a drone or else, you’ll attract the enemies. Also, shoot out windows to open up the enemies’ sounds inside.


You can get better at playing Rainbow Six Siege with the tips we’ve shared above. Some of them may expose you to danger, but you’re already better if you learn from them.

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