7 Secrets To Winning Your Ex-girlfriend Back

7 Secrets To Winning Your Ex-girlfriend Back

Getting back with your ex-girlfriend takes more than just blasting music under her window like most movies or websites would lead you to think. If you really want to make things right, you need to show her that you’re taking the break-up seriously. Though it may be hard at first, your partner or ex-girlfriend will always prefer honesty over any other efforts you put in to get back together with them. That being said, you need to ask yourself if chocolates and flowers are going to be all it takes to win her heart back. Well, there really are no rules on what to say or do in order to win her back, but we can make the whole thing easier for you with a little guidance. Here are the 7 top tips for winning your ex-girlfriend back and sweeping her off her feet once again.

1. Think About Your Differences

You need to understand that the things you value and appreciate are not necessarily as important to your significant other as they are to you. The approach you think can help you win your ex back may not be the same approach they’re waiting for. For example, women don’t care much about the impression of their family and friends, unlike most men. They are also less likely to be won over with presents, flowers, or even compliments.

2. Be Realistic

Keep in mind that getting back together is not going to be a stroll in the park. Things may be even more complicated than you had originally planned for. Did you know that only 23% of the overall percentage of women said they would be willing to take their exes back? This just makes things even harder for you. So there’s no room for mistakes, you need to make it right, or else you get no more chances.

3. Give Her Space

Giving your ex space may be difficult if you’re not the one who chose to break up but it’s the least you can do to respect the other party and let them make a proper decision. If you read more, you’ll notice that it’s all about making impressive gestures and waiting for the other person to break the silence at their own pace. That’s why you should aim to be a little distant in order to let her find clarity as she makes her decision.

4. Avoid Bad Mouthing Your Ex

No matter how bad you feel after a break-up, always remember that it’s never a good idea to act vindictively. If you ever want to keep the door open for reconciliation, you need to put yourself in their shoes and consider their feelings. You wouldn’t like it either if someone talked bad things about you to all your mutual friends. Learn to deal with your breakup calmly to stay on good terms with your ex in case you truly miss her and need to get back together.

5. It’s Not a Competition

If you’re thinking about reconciliation the same way you think about re-winning a football game, maybe you shouldn’t be getting back to your ex. You should be making up with your ex because you appreciate their existence in your life and because you’re seeking mutual growth, not because you’re thinking of it as a challenge or competition. The goal is not to win over someone else, the goal is to reconcile with your loved one.

6. Make Thoughtful Gestures

Women are more likely to be impressed with honest compliments and genuine efforts to make them laugh over materialistic gestures like gifts or dates. The easiest way into your ex’s heart is, to be honest, and thoughtful with your gestures. Make sure you understand the proper way to your ex-girlfriend’s heart before making any efforts.

7. Age Is an Important Factor

Younger women are more likely to get back together with an ex than older women. Younger women are also 15% more likely to be won over with compliments and good use of a sense of humor. On the other hand, older women prefer honesty 24% more compared to younger girls. Obviously, age plays a huge role in how your ex-girlfriend may think about getting back together with you so make sure to consider an important factor like this.

Getting back together with your ex-girlfriend is never an easy task, however, these tips can help you make it possible. All you need is a little more patience and the will to make things right again. Eventually, if she’s the right person for you, things will work out on their own and it won’t be long before you guys get back together.

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